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Thread: Seven '90s TV show reunions that need to happen right now

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    MWC and Roseanne, yes. The rest of that shit, NO.
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    MWC and Roseanne. Especially to erase that awful last Roseanne episode. Killing Dan and the daughters switching husbands always creeped me out. Mark and Becky was older then Darlene and David, so how did they legally date each other? The characters weren't old enough for it to make sense to me.
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    ^^ Yeah the final episode of Roseanne always bothered me a bit too! In some way I thought it was interesting. I always wonder at what point Dan dies in the show and she takes off with her fictional family story. In some ways it sucked, in others it was a interesting twist in the end. I hate hearing about Glenn Quinn dying He was also in "Angel" for a while too!

    My fiancee' and I were just talking about Married with Children last night. And without thinking I watched that terrible movie Fright Night that had "chicken wings" aka Marcey in it lmao! I never really kept up with the show. Would be interesting to see later episodes.

    Amen to that!

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    Quote Originally Posted by maryk View Post
    The Roseanne finale was so WTF I mean Dad's dead, no lottery, couple swap and was the baby fine then? Everything was just confusing. I've always wanted clarity
    Roseanne, she could have just made Dan's death from one of her books...or maybe they could just pretend it never happened.

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    I found this MWC reunion on youtube, I think it's from 2003.

    It's got the entire gang- even Steve!

    My only complaint is that it was too short and they only focused on 'the Bundy's' and completely left out the Marcy, Steve and Jefferson!

    Oh well, at least they were there!

    [youtube=wWxB_tNYlqQ]Married With Children Reunion part 1[/youtube]

    [youtube=cmvJoeVwpt8&feature=related]Married With Children Reunion part 2[/youtube]

    [youtube=1WhPjWgJAE8&feature=related]Married With Children Reunion part 3[/youtube]

    [youtube=5hGQJV6aQ6E&feature=related]Married With Children Reunion part 4[/youtube]

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    Quote Originally Posted by DitaPage* View Post
    Don't know if it's 90',s or late 80's, and I have little interest in a reunion really, but I loved The Wonder Years.
    I loved that show too. It was so sweet.

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