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Thread: 'Sense8' Canceled at Netflix

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    Good news! There will be a 2-hour Sense8 special to wrap up the plot
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    YAYYYYYY!!! I love Lana!

    I can't tell you how excited I am to hear this. I have been pretty damn relentless towards Netflix for this cancellation. I had given them until the end of June to bring Sense8 back and I guess it and the other umpteen million people.

    Now everyone, watch Sense8 at least three times through for the next year and we shall see if that can bring back the whole series and not just a wrap-up movie. Tell everyone you know.
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    my cousin recommended sense8 to me so i have to start watching it because she also recommended orphan black and it IS FUCKIN GREAT.
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    YAYYYYY!!!!! We did it! Yes, I was one of the obsessed - I signed a petition and wrote a letter - and we did it!!!! I'm so happy, my daughter's so happy... Greys is so happy!!!!!

    Off to fight for the TV so I can watch it again.
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