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Thread: Remake of "V" coming to ABC with Lost's Elizabeth Mitchell

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    I loved V, not sure why they are remaking it.
    Because, heaven forbid, Hollywood writers use their teeny-tiny collective brain and actually think up something new and original.

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    i agree there are way too many remakes right now but it's mostly in movies. if anything, despite all the garbage reality tv shows, there are way better tv series right now and the past 10 years or so have seen probably the smartest, most well written tv series in the history of television. mostly thanks to cable television starting to produce shows, and this forcing the networks to raise the bar for their own shows.
    shows like 'the sopranos', 'six feet under', 'arrested development', 'the wire', 'dexter', 'house'... the level of the writing on these shows is unprecedented IMO.
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