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Thread: Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

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    More Drama For Taylor Armstrong! Russell's Friend Planning To Write Tell-All Book

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    Posted on Apr 03, 2012 @ 05:00AM print it send it
    Pacific Coast News

    By Jen Heger - Radar Assistant Managing Editor
    A friend of Taylor Armstrong's deceased husband, Russell, is planning on writing a tell-all book in a quest to make money off of the reality star's suicide tragedy, is exclusively reporting.
    As we previously reported Taylor has just signed a contract to do the third season of The Real Housewives
    of Beverly Hills. The entire cast, sans Camille Grammer will be back for the upcoming season.
    PHOTOS: Russell Armstrong and Taylor Armstrong In Happier Times
    "Russell's childhood friend, Randy Edwards, is planning on writing a revealing look into Taylor and Russell's marriage. There is just one problem with Randy's book proposal though, he has only met Taylor once or twice and wasn't a factor in Russell's life in the last few years," a source close to the situation tells "Randy lives in Texas and never came to Beverly Hills to visit the couple.
    Russell felt sorry for him and sent him money over the years because he was having financial problems. Taylor feels that Randy is just attempting to cash in on Russell's tragedy. It's just blood money and no publisher has expressed any interest in the book so far. Randy has publicly bashed Taylor and she just can't understand why he is doing this when she doesn't even know him."
    PHOTOS: Celebrities Who Died In Bizarre Circumstances
    It's been a rocky road for the Bravo star since Russell committed suicide last summer because of financial woes. Taylor's new memoir Hiding From Reality details the violent beatings she endured from Russell, claims she was called names in front of her daughter and that he secretly spied on her during their marriage.
    "Taylor isn't afraid nor intimidated by Randy. Sadly, nothing surprises her anymore and she just ignores the negativity. Taylor is focused on being a great mom, role model and business woman," the insider says.
    Did a little digging around & found this, I found it interesting.


    Link to the original site
    Video on the site.

    The following is a compilation of all the replies to questions of Randy Edwards, Russell Armstrong’s childhood friend.

    These are his words…

    Copyright “StoopidHousewives” 2012

    I actually never said Russ was not taking medication. How would I know? It does not surprise me he was taking medication for anxiety. He was human and going through a very stressfull time. Now Acid head or whatever your handle is. As I said I live in Dallas. Russ’ home town. The Cowboys have an important game about to be played so I have more important issues than to be grilled by someone who like many others thinks they know more about my life long best friend than I do. To everyone else, it has been a pleasure. What turn of events is she talking about? Anyone know?

    Randy Edwards You need to put the bottle down and read my answers again. Then get back with me.

    Randy Edwards Shana will sink herself.I truly believe this.

    Randy Edwards I frequent Bosier City(:

    Randy Edwards He said he got it from a good source.

    Randy Edwards Her, there were witnesses

    Randy Edwards Taylor has not contacted the family

    Randy Edwards No that was after she filed. I don’t think Taylor had anything to do with his death. I do think she is evil.

    Randy Edwards They do the right thing for ratings

    Randy Edwards I wouldn’t be the one to ask. I think she will self destruct at some point.

    Randy Edwards No because the contracts they sign basically says they can make you look anyway they want. They cover their butts well.

    Randy Edwards I had already sent them to Russ via email. I would send them and we would laugh back and fourth via text.

    Randy Edwards

    Randy Edwards Thanks. That’s the only reason I ever spoke up.

    Randy Edwards She was pregnant. They only dated about 6 months. Russ always wanted a family. He loved kids. I have no idea if he would have married her later.

    Randy Edwards No, lol. I have not heard that one. Sorry I am trying to piture her in a room where a football is being thrown.

    Randy Edwards No and I have posted enough stuff on her facebook page which she does manage and RHBH. She knows everything I say is true or I would have.

    Randy Edwards Me either. I was asleep before 11. I am writing a book about my life working in a gym. I have worked, trained and owned gyms since 1985. I joined the gym I have owned since ’97 with Rusty in 1982. I was writing it before he died. when I think of the funnest times in my life almost everyone includes Rusty. The chapter with him will show a much different person that what Bravo did.
    I would talk to friends who didn’t know he and I were close that hated him from watching the show and I would tell them. He is the exact opposite from that. I question everything I see on television now and the only reality show I have ever cared for is “Cops”. (:

    Randy Edwards You know the way I found out was my friends who were home watching TMZ. My phone started blowing up. I was training someone at my gym. I got in my car and came home and stood starring at my computer screen for four hours.

    Randy Edwards Thank you very much. Not a day goes by when I don’t think about it. I talked to Russ’ mom who I was very close to growing up two days after Christmas and it breaks my heart. Randy is fine by the way.

    Randy Edwards Some of that stuff I can’t talk about and will be answered in the coming months. Not even housewife Shana contacted the family.

    Randy Edwards Not only did none of them contact Russ’ family Shana has NEVER contacted Russ’ parents or sister.

    Randy Edwards I live in Dallas. I didn’t see Russ day to day. In fact after they were married I saw him twice in 5 years. We talked and text weekly. I can tell you there will be proof of abuse at another date from another source.

    Randy Edwards There is more than one slip up in her interview such as the pizza remark. Watch her lips when she says Russ confronted her about a man. She almost says women.

    Randy Edwards I can’t talk about that. It’s not just about Taylor as she would like to believe.

    Randy Edwards No, you can’t defame a dead person. They lose their right. At least that’s what the lawyer Dr. Phil had on said.

    Randy Edwards I have heard something like that from other people.

    Randy Edwards They had a PO box at the same place.

    Randy Edwards Shana was fine the first time I met her but she was in a house full of strangers who all knew Russ. After that she was always off signing autographs while Russ and I spoke. Russ never asked me for marriage advice. I have never been married. I did not witness Taylor acting like an ass but his family did. Russ was moving back to Dallas. He told me, other friends and family this the last week he was alive.

    Randy Edwards I am told dead people lose those rights. ?????

    Randy Edwards Russ met her right after she moved to LA. He has been in California for around 20 years.

    Randy Edwards I don’t know that name. I have a lot of information on Taylor but that’s new to me. Maybe I just need to go back through my paperwork. I would like to hear more about that. Maybe we can be put in contact with one another.

    Randy Edwards I first met Russ in little league at 11. We both moved to Carrollton Texas the same year. By the time we were 15 we openly proclaimed we were best friends. We were bonded because we were always together. His family moved 20 miles away the end of our freshman year but we were together almost every weekend. We joined the gym I now own together at 18, we took our first road trip together, We took our HS graduation trip together, he went to U of Hawaii Hilo. I went there for 2 weeks and he came to summer school one session In Lubbock and lived with me. I lived with him and his girlfriend in Boca Raton when I got out of grad school. The list is long but we experienced many things for the first time together.

    Randy Edwards Russ didn’t open up about most of what had been going on until the last few weeks of his life.

    Randy Edwards I think Bravo knows what she is now and wants to be on the right side of the fence when it hits the fan.

    Randy Edwards Home owner

    Randy Edwards Honest to God I thought he had probably met her at “The Men’s Club”. A topless bar in Dallas. The first time I met her was my 2005 Christmas party.

    Randy Edwards No idea. You have to remember whatever he was referring to was probably edited out or he may have been referring to the fact they said he would be shown in a better light. I don’t watch the show. As I said in another answer I have not watched two full shows ever. After the premier the first season I couldn’t watch it because that was not my best friend Rusty Armstrong. It was obvious they were telling him what to say. Looking back they were making him the bad guy on show one.

    Randy Edwards Great Question. I was hoping someone would ask this. Russ wasn’t going to because they had made him the ass of the show. They told him he would be shown in a better light. That’s the reason for the counseling sessions. I don’t watch the show but I am told there were other things they did which he was told would change people’s perception of him but Bravo basically lied and turned it all around and made him their whipping boy again. Hence: “people I thought were my friends weren’t”. Great question!

    Randy Edwards Shaft and a girl named Jennifer. Most likely her girlfriend. This was a while after her and Jeremy.

    Randy Edwards I don’t know him but have friends that do and Russ’ family know him. He was totally grief stricken. Taylor went back the next day and took everything in Russ’ bedroom and office including money that was clearly marked for one of his kids’ school. I am confident Taylor was not involved because I know a few things I can’t talk about that I was told in confidence.

    Randy Edwards He didn’t. He called her out on it all the time. I know that was one of the reasons she attacked him.

    Randy Edwards Taylor has had 5 name changes. She said she was never married and was married to Jeremy Sipes, She moved to LA from Florida. They both changed their name six months before they moved. She introduced herself to multiple people I know as being part of the “Ford” family as in Henry Ford. She made it hard on Russ to see his family and friends once they were married. One of my friends Jim who Russ and I have known since we were 18 visited them two years ago and Shana told Jim’s girlfriend to never have kids it was the biggest mistake she ever made.
    She said she knew nothing of the finances but the only reason Russ agreed to it was their financial situation. Russ told me she attacked him on many occasions. Once she choaked him as they were driving down the road with kids in the car. She says he choaked her for not giving the kids vegetables with their pizza and one of them doesn’t eat anything but cheese pizza. When Russ’ family members would visit she would often lock herself in the bedroom the whole time. She yelled and screamed at Russ so much when his grandmother visited his grandmother left after two days. She had so many name changes it raised a red flag when Russ filed bankruptcy as to who she really was and had to do a sworn declaration, Shana implied on Dr. Phil that Bravo had paid for her birthday party and Kennedy’s birthday which was not true and again she knew their financial situation and I would love for her to challenge me on this fact.
    I have posted most of this information on her facebook before she blocked me and on the RHWOB facebook. In the last few weeks of Russ’ life he indicated to more than one person Shana was addicted to xtc. That one I have no proof of. I just know he told more than one of his friends or family.

    Randy Edwards I assume Shaft is Shana, lol. Russ didn’t know until the very end who she really was. For instance she told him she had never been married which is a lie. In our last conversation he told me everyone was piling on. I asked who is everyone? I asked if it was TMZ and he said “everyone”. He followed by saying all these people he thought were his friends weren’t.
    Shana says she knew nothing of the finances but Russ only agreed to do the show in the first place because they needed the money. There were a few people who I cannot name because I was told in confidence who warned him about her and he never believed it until the last few days of his life.

    Randy Edwards Having said that I think he would have eventually divorced her because he did tell me he knew for a fact she was having a lesbian relationship. He told me this after Taylor had filed. Looking back I don’t know if he was as devastated by that or the fact that he felt cast members and producers were his friends and they totally made him out to look like someone he wasn’t. I watched the first episode ever and only watched half of another because it was so far from reality I was embarassed for him.

    Randy Edwards You are on the money about Taylor attacking Russ. Before she realized I was doing it, I was posting some attacks I knew about and were witnessed on her facebook page. If they were not true I think I would have heard from her lawyer. She has blocked me from posting which I expected. Russ said she would just come at him out of control and frequently. I think more will come out soon about her aggressive behavior but I cannot elaborate at this time. As you probably know this has been very hard on Russ’ family and without going into detail the answer to your question is yes.I think you can expect the investigation or lack of to at least be looked at closer.
    I know for a fact there are plans to have the evidence looked at again. Russ had bruises and scratches on his body and there were pillows in the windows. The coroner declared suicide without an investigation. Sounds really fishy to me. Thanks for your comments. It has been a really hard time for everyone close to Russ.

    Randy Edwards Russ really loved Taylor. They were in Dallas two weeks before she filed. He was totally devastated when she filed. The Russell Bravo portrayed was not the real Russ. He always wanted a family and for some reason was snowed by Taylor. He had no plans to divorce her.
    Fernanda Rocha

    RHOBH Taylor Armstrong’s Lesbian Fling Confirmed By Fernanda Rocha! Says Taylor Hurt Her

    30 Dec 2011



    Ai ya ya. It seems the widely rumored lesbian fling between Taylor Armstrong and Fernanda Rocha did happen after all!
    The National Enquirer first reported back in September that Taylor, star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, was seen having a hot and heavy make-out session with former Real Housewives of Orange County star Fernanda.
    Taylor denied it back then calling the report “ridiculous”, yet Fernanda admits it all in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly magazine. According to the mag, on August 15, just four days before her 47-year-old estranged husband Russell Armstrong took his own life, Taylor, 40, was spotted kissing openly gay Fernanda, 34, after sparks flew between the two during an earlier fashion show.
    Later that evening, the two women groped their way through dinner at a restaurant and shared passionate kisses in Fernanda’s Lexus SUV before heading off to a party together.
    A scorned Fernanda tells In Touch that despite their crazy chemistry, Taylor had no problem tossing her aside once she realized the hookup wasn’t good for her image. “Be responsible for your actions and don’t dismiss the other human being that you are connecting with,” is Fernanda’s message to Taylor today.
    Fernanda adds that Taylor warned her to keep her mouth shut about what happened between them. “When people started asking, it was like, ‘Don’t say this, don’t say that…’ That is hurtful,” said Fernanda who admits she decided to remain mum after Russell’s passing because she was “protecting” Taylor.
    Fernanda goes on to add that she doesn’t appreciate being used by Taylor. “A lot of straight girls want to have an experience with another woman, but they don’t take into consideration that we’re human!” is Fernanda’s PSA.
    This isn’t the first time Fernanda has been used and dumped as her former costar Tamra Barney also did the same to her on the last season of the RHOC. “When I saw her joke about it in interviews, she was a little bit dismissive,” says Fernanda of Tamra adding, “Gay people are not something to play around with like a toy.”
    You can read more about this in the latest issue of In Touch Weekly.
    [Photos Credit: WENN]
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    I get the feeling Taylor wants to bang Kyle. She's always looking at her so longingly.
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    I can't stand ShanaTaylor. She has got to be the biggest fake since LeAnn Rimes! She can give her a run for her money in the ugly department, too.

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    I love the Beverly Hills Ho wives. I love to see their houses and fabulous clothes and cars.

    Taylor has been frightening since the first season when she performed oral on her cotton candy.

    All of the other ladies seem to be ok, they all have their moments, but they don't seem like bad people. Taylor was just awful from the start. I am waiting for the day when her daughter writes a tell all.

    The difference between Taylor and LeeAnn is Taylor was at one time very pretty. Why she chose to mess up her face like that beats me. LeeAnn was never pretty.

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    Taylor? Or Shana? Or will she go be a different name soon?

    SHANA “TAYLOR ARMSTRONG”: Loses in Court Today…MMR Lawsuit Update… MOTION DENIED…

    By Stoopid Housewives on April 27, 2012 | From
    April 27, 2012 6:45 pm BeverlyHillsCourier
    Shana “Taylor Armstrong”…

    Taylor Armstrong lost a round in court today in a lawsuit brought against the “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” co-star and her late husband by an online provider of health records.
    Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Frederick Shaller denied a motion by Armstrong’s attorney to throw out part of a settlement agreement between the Armstrongs and that called for payment of $1.5 million to either party if one side breached the agreement — called a liquidated damages clause.

    “There is no evidence of the circumstances existing at the time the contract was made to enable the court to find that the liquidated damage clause is unreasonable,” Shaller wrote in his four-page decision. filed suit against Armstrong and her husband, Russell, last July 29. The couple were in the process of a divorce when he was found hanged in a bedroom of his Mulholland Drive home on Aug. 15, but the lawsuit continued against his estranged wife.

    Russell Armstrong had been the largest shareholder of the company, which provides secure personal health records and electronic safe deposit box storage solutions.
    After company officials found he allegedly misappropriated investor money and diverted shares of the company, he was removed from the board and settled with the firm for $250,000. Under the terms of his original settlement, Armstrong was required to identify anyone to whom he had sold shares of MMRGlobal, parent company of
    When he failed to do so, he and his wife were sued for breach of contract.
    In his court papers, defense lawyer Michael Gless (NOTE: Michael is Sharon Gless’ brother…) stated that the company already knew the name of one of the persons sold shares and that there was no proof the couple should have disclosed the names of the other two buyers.
    Gless also stated that even if the Armstrongs failed to disclose the names according to the agreement, the firm’s damages were “in the range of hundreds of dollars, not millions.”
    But Shaller found the argument unpersuasive.
    “The motion must be denied since even if (Taylor Armstrong) is correct that the liquidated damages clause is unenforceable, this alleged unenforceability does not bar plaintiff’s claim and would not entitle defendant to a judgment in her favor,” he wrote.
    Typical reaction when anyone sees Shana…

    real housewives
    By Tracie Egan Morrissey
    Feb 7, 2012 5:30 PM
    42,208 241

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    Some of Taylor Armstrong’s Abuse Allegations Just Don’t Add Up

    Now that she's on her book tour for her memoir, Hiding From Reality: My Story of Love, Loss and Finding the Courage Within, that was released Tuesday—perfectly timed to coincide with The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion shows—Taylor Armstrong has been telling her tale of her troubled marriage to her late husband Russell to various media outlets (Today, The View, Entertainment Tonight to name just a few). What The Daily Beast's Diane Dimond—who also interviewed Taylor—has discovered is that her accounts of the events don't always add up, something that Taylor's fellow Housewives have hinted at during this past season, and again on last night's installment of the three-part reunion show. In her book, she's published the specific dates on which the more violent episodes of abuse occurred. We were able to dig up photos of Taylor at parties following these events and her appearance is not consistent with someone who has a severe black eye or a dislocated jaw.
    Dimond makes several good points, and although none of them prove anything one way or another, they definitely cast doubt on Taylor's allegations and reasons for writing the book. (Taylor claims she wrote the book to help other victims of domestic violence, others believe it's to cash in on a tragedy, as she inked her book deal just three weeks after Russell committed suicide.) The first is regarding an alleged beating that occurred on June 11, 2011, from which Taylor was so badly injured that she nearly lost her eye. Back in September, Taylor discussed the incident on Dr. Phil, saying that she was beaten when the couple returned home from the Four Seasons after celebrating her 40th birthday. When speaking to The Daily Beast, she says the abuse happened in their hotel room. Dimond notes that the next day, Taylor tweeted:
    Now we're pool side at the 4 seasons and i am thinking of never leaving … i had the BEST birthday party ever! thank you Russell and all my crazy pals who joined in on the mayhem.
    When asked why she would stay the next day and party at the pool with a black eye Taylor said, "No, no. I had orbital floor blowout-never a black eye from the punch." So what's with that infamous photo of her black eye that she showed on Dr. Phil, Entertainment Tonight, and included in her book? Taylor says that was taken after reconstructive surgery she received on July 5, 2011, more than 25 days after the abuse. Taylor had filmed several key scenes for Real Housewives in that time (including the scene at Kyle Richards' White Party, from which Taylor and Russell were turned away). The photo to the left was taken on June 20, 2011, only 8 days after the abuse. This doesn't necessarily contradict her claims that Russell's punch has damaged the orbital floor of her right eye, but she certainly circulated those pictures with the implication that the bruising was from his hand, and not from a surgery. (She all but showed off the same bruise to her cast mates on the finale episode of Housewives during Lisa's grand opening of her restaurant on July 14, as a way to prove her naysayers.)
    Another story oft repeated is when Taylor says Russell beat her so badly after a Superbowl Party last year that he dislocated her jaw. She described the incident in graphic detail to several media outlets, including to Andy Cohen on last week's reunion show of Real Housewives, saying she had to painfully pop her jaw back in place while hanging over a toilet. However, in her book, and in her interview with The Daily Beast, Taylor says she was in bed when this happened. The photo to the right was taken just days later, and she exhibits none of the signs the National Institutes of Health reports occur after jaw dislocations: "drooling, facial swelling and bruising, difficulty talking or smiling."
    When asked if she had "exaggerated" her claims of physical abuse, Taylor denies it, although she tells Dimond:
    I mean the ‘dislocated ‘ word-I mean, I think I described it as ‘out of place' and in the editing they thought it was confusing so they used ‘dislocation.' There was no medical diagnosis for that. But it really hurt! It was more painful than my eye.
    None of this proves that Taylor wasn't a victim of abuse. And let's face it, there's plenty of evidence that Russell wasn't a nice guy. Put Taylor's past as a grifter who changed her name from Shana Hughes to Shanna Taylor to Taylor Ford (telling people she was an heiress of the Ford Motors family) before marrying Russell, makes anything she says a little suspect.

    And here are some pics of what she used to look like...

    Taylor Armstrong AKA Shana Taylor Hughes Ford Armstrong Files for Divorce21

    Posted In Current Events,Gossip

    Taylor Armstrong and Russell announced their separation in July 15

    Taylor Armstrong

    “It may look like I have it all, but I want more.”

    Born “Shana Hughes” in 1972 in Kansas, she became “Shana Taylor” after her mother married her stepfather, Randall Taylor. “Taylor” became her nickname and she later took the appropriate legal steps to make Taylor her first name and Ford her last name.

    Taylor Armstrong (born in 1972) is part of the cast of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills“. She is the wife of venture capitalist, Russell Armstrong. The couple married in 2005 and have a daughter, Kennedy. The couple announced their separation in July 2011. Armstrong was the victim of domestic violence when she was a child, so she volunteers with the 1736 Family Crisis Center, which helps women and children who are victims of domestic violence.

    Taylor moved to Beverly Hills to operate a textile business and fulfill her goal of owning her own company. Taylor worked with a start-up ecommerce company based in Florida. She serves as Chief Creative Director of, President of Four Truffles, and President of eImplement, Inc. Before her marriage, Taylor worked as a pharmaceutical representative for Pfizer.

    Russell Armstrong

    Russell Armstrong is the husband of “RHoBH” cast member, Taylor Armstrong. The couple was married in 2005. Russell has spent the past two decades as an investment banker and venture capitalist, where he has been instrumental in the development of over 200 businesses with early stage funding in excess of $2B dollars, who filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in October, 2005, after he lost all his money in the dot com crash and post 9/11 economic downturn.

    Mr. Armstrong currently serves as Managing Director of Crescent Financial Partners, Inc., specializing in a wide range of financial services, including mergers and acquisitions, corporate finance and related financial advisory services to high–growth, early stage and middle market private and public companies.

    The Break-up

    Taylor Armstrong cites “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for divorcing Russell Armstrong, her husband of nearly 6 years. Taylor is asking for joint legal and primary physical custody. She’s also asking for spousal and child support.
    There is no prenup.

    As fans are aware, Taylor is going through a divorce from her husband. Some of the ups and downs that the couple went through was chronicled on the first season of the show, and fans are looking forward to watching the return of the show when it airs again. According to the new interview, Castmate Kyle Richards reveals that she has been spending time with Armstrong, and that she believes that she will get through this time in her life.

    “It was a difficult decision,” Armstrong said in a statement to People. “Although we have tried our best to work out our differences, I have come to the conclusion that it is in the best interest of our family that we separate.”

    “Together we are the proud parents of a sweet and wonderful little girl and she remains my number one priority,” the statement continued. “I am sad for my marriage to come to an end, but am confident that this is the right choice for all involved.”

    Meanwhile Russell also opened up to the Rumor Fix website. “The pressure of being in the TV spotlight was pretty overwhelming,” he reveals. “It took our manageable problems and made them worse.” Russell described this as a “devastating time,” adding, “I don’t want you to get the impression that Taylor and I are bitter enemies — we’re not.”
    UsWeekly first reported the couple had split in May but they denied it back then. The couple had been going through therapy to try to fix their marriage.

    According to a new report, Taylor Armstrong is stirring up trouble on the new season of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!

    RadarOnline is reporting that Taylor is battling with her castmates and causing tension during filming. “Taylor is telling the other women exactly what she is thinking, and she isn’t holding anything back,” says a source. “Taylor has had some tense moments with Adrienne Maloof especially. Adrienne was completely taken aback by Taylor because she usually tried to avoid conflict. There has also been some drama between new housewife Brandi Glanville and Taylor.”

    The article then goes on to claim that Taylor spent the first season avoiding confrontation and being a peacemaker. Yes, I’m scratching my head on that one as well. RadarOnline adds that since being in therapy this year, Taylor is now learning to be more assertive and speak her mind.

    “Taylor has been getting counseling, which will be featured on the show this year, and she has been encouraged to stand-up for herself, and not let people, including her husband, Russell take advantage of her,” the source adds.
    So when can we expect the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 2, which is currently filming and premieres on Bravo September 5, 2011. For a sneak peak RHoBH SEASON TWO TRAILER.

    Meanwhile, Taylor came out last month attributing her very skinny frame to simply trying out some diet pills her husband brought home. Some of you wondered what those pills were, and according to Taylor’s twitter page, the diet supplement is called RegeneSlim. “They gave me lots of energy but not jitters. I do drink caffine though so, not sure about other people’s “jitter response.”” tweeted Taylor.

    Also helping Taylor to move forward are her 58,000 Twitter followers. “Thank you for the uplifting comments. it really helps! xo to my tweeties,”.
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    What the fuck did she do to her face? She used to be cute. She should have left herself alone.
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    She's lost MORE weight bc she's almost completely stopped eating & drinking like a fish. Not some diet pills... at least not FDA approved kind.
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    I came across one of Kim's daughters facebook and there's a picture of Kim's daughters with Kyle's family and Kyle's posted something along the lines of "great picture, only missing Paris, Nicky and Kathy." And then that daughter posted after Kyle "And my mom" Thought I'd share LOL.

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    Yes Taylor has an awful face. It's very tight and harsh and those lips are atrocious.

    The blonde sister from witch mountain (I think I'll just call her that from now on) looks aged, stressed out and severely co-dependent with her kids.

    Theres no way Kim is 30, she lie!

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    Do you mean Kim the (blond) mom?

    Kimberly "Kim" Richards (born September 19, 1964) is an American actress. She is best known for being a former child actress, and a television personality.[1]
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    Quote Originally Posted by sugarsndspice785 View Post
    Theres no way Kim is 30, she lie!
    kim from atlanta, not beverly hills, is the one who is early 30s.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    Real Houswives of Beverly Hills Star Adrienne Maloof and Husband to Split?

    More drama could be forthcoming on Bravo's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as Adrienne Maloof's husband is reportedly seeking to separate from his wife.

    Dr. Paul Nassif is said to be preparing to file for legal separation, according to

    Maloof, 50, has discussed the situation with Nassif and is aware of his plans, the report says.

    A rep for Maloof, contacted by PEOPLE, had no comment.

    The couple he is a plastic surgeon who appeared on E!'s Dr. 90210; she is the daughter of billionaire entrepreneur George J. Maloof Sr. and an heir to his business empire were married in 2002.

    They have three sons together Gavin and the twins Colin and Christian.
    can't post pics because my computer's broken and i'm stupid

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    By Alexis Tereszcuk** - Radar Entertainment Editor

    The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Adrienne Maloof is devastated over the demise of her nine year marriage to Dr. Paul Nassif, and she exclusively told why she and her husband are splitting up.

    "I'm so sorry that this is happening but my children are my life and sometimes we need to do what's best for them," Adrienne said.

    PHOTOS: Adrienne Maloof Launches New Skin Care Line** exclusively reported that the Real Housewives star and her plastic surgeon husband were having trouble in their marriage. and that their relationship was "on the rocks."

    PHOTOS: "Real Housewives": Best or Bust?**

    Adrienne and Paul have three young sons together, and she said that it is because of them that she wants to end her marriage.

    "It's an unfortunate situation but, I have to have my kids best interest at heart," the Bravo reality star told
    So it's "best for the kids"?? Why? What's he been doing?
    Call me sceptical but the fact that they've been married NINE years when she pulls the plug is significant IMO.
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