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Thread: PG-13? You're kidding!

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    The other day I caught a piece of a show that used to be on in syndication when I was little, so it had to of been from the 60's maybe (I cannot remember what it was now) but I remember thinking "jeez - and they give us crap about what kids watch now?" It was really full of sexually-suggestive dialogue.

    And totally OT, but forget the ratings or nudity for a second. How can they charge "adult" prices at the theaters, but not let them in adult movies? They're adult enough to pay adult prices, but not adult enough to see the movie? Makes no sense.
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    Dontcha know that in this country gory violence and death are like vitamin C for the kiddies but tits and fucking (or the suggestion of) will warp their little minds?
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    I think it really depends on the kids and the parents. There are some movies I'm surprised to see small kids at. There was a 5 year old behind me at Pirates this summer and I thought they were probably a little young to watch it with all the violence, but if the parents were okay with it who am I to really judge. If you raise your children to know that a movie is entertainment only and not real life they are probably going to just enjoy it rather than being deeply affected by it.

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    Isn't that nice family classic TV show the Honeymooners full of jokes trivializing domestic violence?
    People get all nostalgic about a show like the Honeymooners where a huge man, who the audience is supposed to sympathize with, spends his time threatening physical violence against his own wife. And this is supposed to be funny and adorable and a slice of Americana just because it is from the fifties and shot in black and white.
    Of course the strip club scenes from the Sopranos are considered much more crass and disgusting. A woman voluntarily displaying her chest is somehow more despicable than a man fantasizing about how great it would be to punch his own wife.
    When will America's love affair with the fifties end?

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