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Thread: Oprah's 'graphic sex' show....where's the FCC on this one?

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    Default Re: Oprah's 'graphic sex' show....where's the FCC on this one?

    Quote Originally Posted by UndercoverGator
    Oprah's purpose is high ratings. I find her sex talk to generate high rates as offensive as Howard's for titillation purposes. Double standard for the same thing.
    That's the nature of the beast, I'm afraid. We live in The United States of Capitalism, and Oprah's gotta get the people to tune in so they'll watch the commercials and buy what the advertisers are selling. That's why she has those pandering-to-celebrities shows every now and then. I'll admit: I'm entertained by it (especially when she had Jamie Foxx on), but I don't forget for one second that, above all, Oprah's a corporate shill. Thankfully, she's not cold-hearted (she's a genuinely compassionate person), so she'll do her philanthropy bit every and now and then, too.

    Also, I don't think there's any double-standard. I've never listened to or watched Howard Stern, but I'll bet there's a dramatic difference in the way Oprah will be talking about sex and the way Howard's been known to! Let's not forget: Oprah is an extremely naive person. I'm sure she was flummoxed when that girl talked about strange men cumming in her face. She was probably apalled and couldn't understand why someone would do that to herself. And I'd be willing to bet money that Oprah's not gonna just talk about the sex* because the sex is the symptom, a manifestation of a deep-rooted psychological impetus for such horrific behavior. That's what Oprah will talk about, I'll bet. Whereas Howard Stern would just be like "Wow, you're every guy's dream!" and then one of his sidekicks would say "Hey, can I cum in your face?"

    *Seriously, Gator, I betcha 5 bucks!

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    Default Re: Oprah's 'graphic sex' show....where's the FCC on this one?

    It's not a double standard. There's a big difference between talking about things in a clinical, grown-up sense and making fun of them like a bunch of 8th graders. Oprah's is a mature discussion.
    I agree that Oprah is really naieve. Things I just take for granted adults know she seems rather surprised by.

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