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Thread: OK, who here loves Craig Ferguson??!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVZ View Post
    George Eads was on a while ago...with Craig.

    Anyways, George had this story about how he was auditioning for a Clooney movie I think and he was doing really bad. So he went in to the closet. Stayed in the closet...and eventually had to come out of the closet (His words not mine).

    I think George is gay...he's mighty fine

    I'll post the vid from Youtube, but search is down atm
    Well poop, SVZ, now I am confused! Is George gay or not??? Still am in love w/ him either way.

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    What! So he could get the job? JK
    (for the record he didn't get that job)

    Saw that a few nights ago, it was definitely food for thought - about both George's. The look that Craig gave him was very "knowing" with a little smile on his face. The story was a little unclear because George Eads said that he was feeling awful about the aud, and there was a closet there on the audition set, and he went in it but realized he would have to come out, he couldn't just stay in there. I don't wanna seem naive, but the play on words was a little vague. It made me think he meant both. He must be feeling pretty secure about his career if he talks like that on a late-night talk show.

    And isn't George Eads the same guy who made a salary demand a while back and was fired but later brought back? That guy likes to live on the edge...

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    I do, I totally love Craig Ferguson, he's sexy, hysterically funny, kind to his guests, he's incredible. I just adore him. Prince Charles has me falling on the floor and waking up the neighborhood.
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    He's gay to me! Completely ENGLISH! Same thing!

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