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Thread: 'The Office' shuts down

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    i'm starting to get a bit irked with strikes. If you dont like the job, the benefits, the pay, then you look for another job. i was only at a union job once. it was crappy pay before they took their 'hush money'. These strikers are making it inconvenient for people who need those people in business to make money. such as the restaurants, caterers, limo drivers and on and on.... Its too bad THEY dont get any of the benefits as well. grrr
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    Funny, I heard that The Office is okay.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pilaf View Post
    So Mindy Kaling didn't cross obviously?
    Actually, I was wrong, none of them crossed.

    Speaking of Carell, he didn't show up for work on his hit NBC comedy "The Office" for a second consecutive day Tuesday.

    Co-star Rainn Wilson again called in sick, while B.J. Novak and Mindy Kaling, who also are writers on the show, continue to strike.

    On Monday, "Office" shot only two scenes, with major leads Carell and Wilson out, as well as Novak and Kaling. On Tuesday, production was shut down for the day, sources said.

    Wisteria Lane converted to writers' block

    I wonder how this will play out - NBC was very clear that it would fire Novak, Kaling, and Carrell if they did not show up, it violates some SAG rule. I think thats why Wilson has called in sick, to find away around it.
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    How about the executives and producers get a little less greedy and give the writers their fair share? That's another way to end the strike, it's not all on the writers.

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    Aww I love me some Steve Carell.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beeyotch View Post
    How about the executives and producers get a little less greedy and give the writers their fair share? That's another way to end the strike, it's not all on the writers.
    Yes, the idea that the writers "suck it up" and look for another job absolutely blows my mind. The writers are exploited and underpaid and screwed over time and time again.

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    I'm normally one to support a strike. Mostly because no one wants to be out of work...especially this time of year. The writers are the shows, I think that will be demonstrated by this strike....Hell, as funny as some people are, they still need writers. I think the exec's are extremely greedy. These writers are getting nothing (right now) off of DVD and internet sales. Sucks.

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    I like Steve Carrell but hate the character of Michael. The episodes that he is only in as "icing" are better. His character is just too damn predictibly annoying.

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