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Thread: Non-gory scary movies and thrillers

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    The Village of the Damned (the original)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bluebonnet View Post
    The Village of the Damned (the original)
    Yes absolutely.. Those kids with the green glowing eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ManxMouse View Post
    A Tale of Two Sisters (Korean), Shutter (Thai), and Ju-on: The Grudge (Japan) if you like the J-style of horror. There may be incidental blood here and there, but these are very light on gore and heavy on very scary shit.
    HOLY FUCK This movie is currently scary the shit out of me. I had to come on GR to calm myself down. That creepy ghost crawling by the edge of her bed... godDAMN. Aaaarrgh. I'm *so* sleeping with the light on tonight. And possibly forever.

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