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Thread: New documentary sheds light on Roman Polanski sex case

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    I completely agree that the man had a totally rough life, but that should come up in sentencing. I'm not saying that leniency in sentencing is wrong is this case. However, he RAPED a child and then fled. Wrong anyway you want to look at it.
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    Absolutely. He should not have run.
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    hey, i knew girls in school that started having sex when they were 12, 13... even knew one girl that lost her virginity at 11 to her 16 year-old cousin. it's statutory rape but it's not the same as non-consensual, forced sex. that is rape. not all 13 year-old girls are alike and not all of them are 'little girls'. don't get me wrong, i am not saying that what he did is alright, i'm just saying it's not as clear-cut and black and white as 'he raped a little girl' makes it sound, and which is what the judges were going after him for. yeah, he shouldn't have run, but since he didn't stand a chance at a fair trial given the judge that was in charge of the case, i also understand why he did.
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