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Thread: A Mighty Heart

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    Slightly off topic here with regard to Scarlett Jo. She's been in a couple of movies that I wanted to see (Woody Allen's and the one with Hugh Jackman). So now I've had to endure her twice!

    Just goes to show - normally I would have been running to see Brad in anything. I get the feeling his movie career is over. Just a feeling. I'll rely on my old favorites I guess.

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    I don't really care either way, and if I do see it, it will be when it's out on DVD. I just thought the reviews were interesting. The Toronto Star review focused much more on the story behind the film - I think they're just trying to be respectful about it. I've enjoyed Jolie as an actress at times, and I've also found her bland at times.
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    The story doesn't interest me that much, but I could be surprised. I'll wait till it comes out on DVD to make my decision.
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