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Thread: Maury Povitch - All Time Low

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Authority View Post
    Oh yeah I forgot to ask, Is Maury married to Connie Chung? I know on Mad TV the guy who played Connie Chung said "Maury" alot and I was wondering if that Maury was Maury Povich. If so then that explains how Maury got a talk show in the first place.

    Yes, Maury Povich is married to Connie Chung. I think they adopted a baby or two but not sure about that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReinaBikipatra View Post
    Not really. He has had a career in trash journalism for decades.

    What was that show he did before....A Current Affair?

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    I didn't even know Maury was still on-air. I agree--that is an all-time low for him (and he's had many).

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    Quote Originally Posted by disruptivehair View Post
    What was that show he did before....A Current Affair?
    Very good, Stacey! That was the show.

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    Default Re: Maury Povitch - All Time Low


    November 17, 2005 -- A 2-month-old baby died in an Upper West Side hotel room yesterday just a day after his parents went on Maury Povich's TV show and found out his "daddy" was not his biological father, The Post has learned.
    Police are investigating the death of the little boy, Ayden Annes-Hensley. He had been taken to New York with his 19-year-old mother, Samantha Preston, and her live-in boyfriend, Robert Hensley, from their Florida home to be taped Tuesday for an upcoming broadcast of "Maury," sources said.

    Preston and Hensley who were sleeping in their bed with Ayden in room 811 of the Beacon Hotel noticed at about 6 a.m. that the boy was not breathing, and called 911, police sources said.

    Ayden was taken by ambulance to Roosevelt Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

    Cops searched the hotel room, where the couple had left a baby carrier and a piece of luggage behind. The couple was interviewed by cops last night and released.

    Sources said that there did not appear to be any signs of foul play, and speculated that Ayden might have been accidentally smothered as a result of sleeping with the couple. An autopsy is pending.

    Preston and Hensley, 24, live with another 24-year- old man, Michael Willis, in the town of Lady Lake.

    Willis did not travel to New York, but was identified on the daytime show's segment as Ayden's biological father instead of Hensley which Preston did not know for sure beforehand, sources said.

    Willis and Preston have another child, and Preston also has another child with Hensley. Both of those children had remained in Florida.

    "They went up there for the Maury Povich show to find out if it's Robert's son or mine," Willis told The Post from his home. "They wanted me to come up there, to take a paternity test to see if it's my son.

    "Well, I know it's my son," said Willis, who said the timing of Ayden's birth coincided with when Preston "was with me."

    He said Preston called him in hysterics yesterday morning after Ayden died. "I couldn't even understand her," said the distraught Willis, adding that the young woman was in "a state of shock."

    Povich said, "Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family."

    Additional reporting by Douglas Montero

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