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Thread: This is making me sad - Oprah / 30 Days

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    Default 30 Days

    Doccos made by Morgan "Supersize Me" Spurlock when he asks people to live 30 days in someone else's shoes. First one was Spurlock and girlfriend living on minimum wage for a month. Very depressing. I've also seen the one where a midwestern farmer's son goes to live in the gay Castro district of San Francisco for a month and eventually reassesses his homophobic bigotry and prejudice. There are others in the serious including one where a guy lives as a devout Muslim which I haven't seen yet, but the series is a fascinating glimpse into the American way of life - good and bad. Recommended.

    Sorry - I had no idea the shows we are seeing are almost a year old!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lobelia View Post
    This may be an unpopular thing for me to say, but there are a lot of people who take minimum wage jobs because they choose not to obtain training for skilled jobs. I'm not talking about people who are doing the best they can in order to keep minimum wage jobs, but rather lazy people, like a couple of my family members, who bitch & moan about having a crappy job when they've never bothered to make themselves desirable to employers.

    There are resources in most decent-sized towns that will help you better yourself. Unfortunately, itty-bitty towns often don't have much to offer in the way of training or jobs, so you get what you get. Still, you ultimately choose where you live.

    My dad has a convenience store. Something we've noticed over the years is that low-income people are the ones who come into his store & buy drinks, snacks, candy, grocery items, etc. Everyone knows how jacked up convenience store prices are, so I am kind of intrigued by this pattern.
    Here! Here! I'm going to be unpopular with my response too.

    I agree wholeheartedly with where you're coming from. For example, we have a popular coffee establishment in Canada called Tim Hortons (perhaps an equivalent of Starbucks elsewhere). If you can extract a 'good morning' or a 'thank you' out of these employees, it would be a miracle. The most I've ever gotten while standing in line is a head nod to move up to the counter. These employees lack any basic interactive skills and it's obviously too much of an effort to thank me for my purchase and wish me a good day. YET, there is an ongoing ritual that we must tip these people because they make minimum wage. Imagine! I have NEVER tipped anyone there. Why? Two reasons. 1) Because Tim's is one of the biggest, most well established and wealthiest employers in Canada and I refuse to subsidize because the rich bosses and investors won't pay their staff 'appropriately' - I've heard about the tips these employees make in one shift and its mind boggling - and 2) most important - these people haven't earned a tip from me. Most are rude. Every time I leave, I can't help but say to myself "They'll never get any further in life than serving coffee for a reason". They're only one example. Your basic supermarket stores are the same. If you're able to establish any eye contact and get a word out of the cashiers, you'd knock me over with a feather. I've also taken to reporting someone if I find I've received bad service. The results are often worth it and it makes me feel like I've done my bit as a paying customer to bring bad/rude service to someone's attention. I have very little sympathy (and patience) truthfully. My job's a helluva lot more stressful and I'm expected to do it all with a smile on my face and without a tip so those who complain need to suck it up.

    A lot of people make their way in life by keeping clean, having a personality, a sense of respect and good manners and showing sheer determination. We know many stories of people who came from less-than-ideal conditions to work their way up the ladder the hard way to a successful and we'll paying career.

    We've become a society of instant gratification. We want, expect and feel entitled to everything now and we don't want to do anything to earn it. I think our education system needs to go back to the basics again with spelling, grammar, communications, basic social skills.............and every classroom should show the movie "The Pursuit of Happyness". Now those are hard times.

    ETA: I thought I should add the disclaimer that this has been my personal experience and I'm not implying that everyone who works at Tim Hortons' or a supermarket is rude or lacking social skills. I fully recognize that some people do go out of their way to provide great customer service. They're few and far between unfortunately. For those who do make that effort and go the extra mile, go on ya. You give us hope.
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