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Thread: Laurence Fishburne exits 'CSI'

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    I could see Grissom returning. They'd have no problem writing him back in, as they still mention him all the time.

    They said Jorja Fox (Sara) would not come back... and then she came back. They could do the same with Grissom.

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    I see Petersen's name as executive producer on the show, so he's still involved. But if he doesn't return as Grissom, the show will die off quietly. He was why I watched year after year. I don't won't him involved with Sara though. I do not want her touching him!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaMama View Post
    Sand and Sage on suicide watch for this very not gay totally hetero apparently stellar parenting stud going off its telly.
    My first thought, LMAO.
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