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Thread: Kill Bill Vol 1&2

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    Default Re: Kill Bill Vol 1&2

    I'm not one of those poncy movie buffs who judges a film on the director's artistic integrity, blah blah and to be honest I could watch 1000 movies and not have a clue whose directorial 'signature' was on them. But Tarantino's movies are uniquely his and you can instantly spot them despite the fact he often uses the same actors. I became a fan when I saw Pulp Fiction and love everything else he's done. Without talking him up (his fat head is big enough already) I really do think he is a genius at what he does.
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    Default Re: Kill Bill Vol 1&2

    I worship the Kill Bill DVDs I have. My favorite is Kill Bill vol1 just because it's more action-oreinted. That and beacuse the fight between Beatrix and GoGo was just awesome (I love Chiaki Kuriyama).
    THe second was alright, but there was too much talking going on, but the fight with Elle and Beatrix was good. Daryl Hannah looked hot in that movie and I don;t normally consider her a looker.

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    Default Re: Kill Bill Vol 1&2

    Best chick flicks ever! Tarantino is awesome and I've seen everything he has done. Kill Bill 1&2 is on cable all the time and I still watch them when they're on. Both are fun corny Bruce Lee knockoffs. Love them.
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    Default Re: Kill Bill Vol 1&2

    I was really against these movies from having heard about all the gratuitous violence. Then I watched Vol. I one night and immediately watched Vol. 2.

    I love the way the females are depicted as worthy adversaries to the males.

    Tarentino's pretensions drive me crazy but I hafta admit I love his films...

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    Default Re: Kill Bill Vol 1&2

    Excellent movies, loved them both!
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