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Thread: Kate Hudson: Is Her Career In Danger?

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    i hate this bitch. i hope she goes away soon.
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    Kate's Career, you in danger, gurl!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by faithanne View Post
    And the rom-com isn't necessarily dead, it's just been taken over by younger, hotter actresses like Mila Kunis.
    Zooey Deschanel comes to mind, too. But it's true, as the article said, that these newer rom-coms are "perverting" the genre a bit (not in a bad way), making the humour in turns smarter or raunchier, the characters a bit more real, some of the action a bit darker.

    A good rom-com doesn't have to be all bubblegum and butterflies and a big wedding at the end but I think Hudson's oeuvre tends toward that and she doesn't really lend well to the edgier, more clever material.
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