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Thread: Jamie's Food Revolution USA

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    Quote Originally Posted by MontanaMama View Post
    I don't quite get how people can honestly have a problem with someone trying to teach children what vegetables are - you have to seriously have issues to think that is problematic.
    Or how to sit down and eat a meal using forks and knives!
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    That USDA rep last night was just unbelievable, harping because Jamie needed a side vegetable to go with his stir-fry that already had SEVEN veggies in it, yet the approved reimbursable meal of processed chicken burger on a white bun with french fries was fine because the kids had the option of salad on the side [which no one took]. Why couldn't they just use the salad on the side with Jamie's meal?

    I could almost hear his brain screaming WTF?!! I wanted to bang my head against the wall. I wonder if she actually sees how utterly ridiculous these stupid guidelines are? They have absolutely nothing to do with the health of these children. Nothing.

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    I enjoyed seeing the look on the DJ's face when he saw the coffin for the super-morbidly obese and discussed how difficult it was to cremate an obese person. I think that's when it finally clicked for him.

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    Quote Originally Posted by aabbcc View Post
    I've been very poor. In fact, at one of the poorest times of my life, I was feeding two small children. I didn't have much money for food, but it was invested in actual FOOD. If you know how to cook, you're ahead of the game because you can do more in terms of dishes with real food than you can buying something cheap and processed that you'll only get one meal out of. In my opinion, this is where Jamie is being smart - TEACH PEOPLE HOW TO COOK REAL FOOD. Instead of buying a box of processed chicken pieces for [CDN prices here] 8.99, that would provide one meal for a family of four, buy a two-whole chicken pack for 9.99 and have the makings for several meals: roast chicken dinner, lunch sandwiches, casserole with the leftovers, chicken soup with the carcasses.

    It isn't more expensive to cook with real food, if you know what you're doing. The industry just wants you to think so because they make big profits off the processed garbage [and big pharma profits when you eventually get sick from eating the stuff]. There are loads of ways to eat good proper food and not spend a fortune. I've been doing it for years.
    Mmmmhmmm! Totally agree. If you dropped me off in the middle of the woods with some veggies, a coleman stove and rifle, I'd survive - and prepare a fantastic meal. You give me a bag of flour and a little lard or butter or olive oil & I can prepare you a meal. I am so thankful now for the time that I did spend in the kitchen with my mother when I was growing up - I hated it at the time, but now I know that it was so beneficial. I love homemade cooking. This past weekend, I spent at a friends house and on Saturday, we cooked all day long and had the best damn time. Made some squash casserole, pinto beans, cornbread, porkchops - nothing from a can, either.
    I can see my kid is different though. He thinks shit is supposed to come from a can. He doesn't know what "poor" means. He doesn't know "if you don't eat what I prepare, you don't eat" means. I can admit that I've contributed to that - and I can also see that his ass is quite a bit more ample than mine was as a child because of processed food and a lack of desire to go outside.
    Between the school lunches and PE being done away with in school, our kids are getting fatter and fatter each day. I have to tell my son each day "go outside, throw the ball with the dog - do something that gets you moving and your heartrate going".
    Quote Originally Posted by stella blue View Post
    It's not just about being fat, it's about being unhealthy. Hell, I'm kind of fat myself, but I cook for myself and eat mostly whole foods. I would be ill if all I ate was what those kids are eating at school every day.
    When the school carts in Chic-Fil-A sandwiches and sells them to the kids for $4.00 per sandwich with no veggies or anything else, all we can expect is childhood obesity. it's sad that the schools are willing to sacrifice the health of our children (by pandering to their desires for burgers and such) to make a buck. And as far as I'm concerned, that's what they do when they offer that kind of shit at school. it sure as hell doesn't benefit a child to give them a piece of fried processed chicken bits on a bun with mayonnaise.
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