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Thread: I hate Downton Abbey with the intensity of a 1,000 burning suns *SPOILERS*

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    Well, the xmas specials are done, and they were predictably dissapointing. They sure packed them full in order to resolve every little storyline - three weddings, a child birth, an incurable disease (Carson), another incurable disease and miraculous recovery (lord Merton), a new business, sisters reuniting, two budding romances, three servants finding new careers, and much more - and yet there was not a single surprise in it.

    I watched a documentary about the manners of Downton Abbey, presented by Alistair Bruce, who acted as an expert consultant on etiquette on the show. I was hoping for an explanation for the unrealistic chumminess between upstairs and downstairs. But even though the documentary stated that the servants were on their own, when they got into trouble, it didn't mention all the times the show did the exact opposite. It would have been nice, if they had acknowledged that they strayed from realistic etiquette for dramatic purposes.

    Oh well, any recommendations on what to hate watch next?
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    ^Have you watched Gosford Park? Is a film written by Fellowes and directed by Robert Altman, very similar to Downton.

    I watched the christmas special and it was as cheesy as expected.
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    ^^I love Gosford Park, it's one of my favorite films. It shows the invisible wall between upstairs and downstairs so much better than Downton. I didn't know Fellowes had written it.

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    As an escapism, Downton served me well. It was predictable but I loved it for it. I watch/read a lot of thrilles, murder mysteries etc so I work my brain. With Downton, it was so comfortable. I relished the nuances, how they speak (not the accents but the actual utterances), the detailed decor, appliances etc.
    Will definetely watch the whole series again.

    It evoked strong feelings in me, and I think that's the success of this series.
    I hated Mary though, I could only stand Edith in the last two series, wanted to push Bates down the stairs but there were many other characters who I really liked.

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    I didn't even bother - Maggie Smith plays roles like this in her sleep. She and Judi Dench have become one-note actresses. And then Shirley MacLaine had a part in it at some point - it must have been beyond insufferable. The feisty old British dowager; think I've had enough of it.
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