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Thread: "I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant" on TLC

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    I saw one episode where this woman's grandmother had died from cancer so when she went into labor she was convinced that she had cancer. It was so stupid and ridiculous, my husband and I still laugh about it. Every time one of us has a head ache or a hang over or something we double over clutching our bellies and cry "The cancer is comin to git meh! Strikin' me down where I stand...Mammy, I'm comin' home!" Haha.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bellini View Post
    Wow you'd think she would have had those symptoms checked out.
    Yes, well, sweet girl but about as sharp as a bag of wet mice.
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    My mum didn't show when she was having my older brother (her first). Looking at photographs of her that were taken in the later stages of pregnancy there really wasn't any discernible baby bump at all and she wore (UK) size 10 clothes right up to the end. She had the opposite problem in that she knew that she was pregnant but had a hard time convincing others because she wasn't waddling about like a hippo.

    Even scarier is what happened to someone we knew. My mum's friend was well into her mid-forties and had just one son who was a good friend of mine too. She had spent years after her son was born trying for another child without success and had given up. Then, not long after her son celebrated his eighteenth birthday, she started feeling tired and her periods became eratic but still turned up now and then and she gained a little weight but not a great deal. She went to her doctor and was told that she was menopausal. A few months after that she went back complaining of occassional grumbly sensations/pains and was sent for a scan, with the concern being that it was a large cyst or something more sinister. It wasn't; she was nearly full term with a healthy baby girl who arrived just a few weeks later. Her hubs had a vasectomy just two weeks after that.

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    While the show's renactments are far too smarmy, it is possible to not know. I had a friend who tried and tried for years to get pregnant. She was overweight and had irregular periods. She finally got pregnant but didn't know she was and was delighted when she finally went to the doctor about her "ongoing discomfort". She was nearly ready to deliver when she found out. We were all very happy for her because, being an older woman, she and her husband had given up.

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    Default I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant: Travesty or Guilty Pleasure?

    TLC's 'I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant': Accidents of Birth - TIME

    Dawn Pannell gained 35 lb. within the span of a few months, but she figured that was because of depression. She felt movement in her abdomen but assumed it was gas. She had mood swings but thought that was because of her recent unemployment. Finally, mistaking labor pains for constipation, she delivered a full-term baby into her toilet.

    Such are the stories told in sensationalistic, Unsolved Mysteries style, complete with voice-overs and re-enactments, by the most outrageous of all of TLC's notoriously melodramatic baby shows: I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant (the series currently airs on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on Discovery Health). Flashbacks show unwittingly pregnant women partying, playing sports, looking at their heavyset bodies in mirrors and then, as the grand finale in many episodes, hovering over a toilet, looking really, really surprised.

    "How could I not have known this was going on in my body?" the real women inevitably say in their on-air interviews, which are intercut with dramatizations featuring marginally more attractive actresses.

    Not surprisingly, the program has been mercilessly mocked. Two comedy shows, E!'s The Soup and Current TV's InfoMania, have created parodies, both crassly titled I Didn't Know I Had to Take a Dump.

    Not all of the women who have approached the producers (you too can apply, via a seven-page pre-interview form obtained through the show's website) gave birth on a toilet, though that seems to be a recurring theme. For the show's third season, which begins in June, "we are pulling back on the toilet births," says Wendy Douglas, a good-humored executive producer for TLC and Discovery Health.
    Judging from the coverage on parenting blogs, the series is not only a gasp-inducing freak show; it has also become a guilty pleasure for new mothers. A stay-at-home mom in Iowa who blogs on the site Funny in the 'Hood and reports having seen every episode of the show, some twice, expresses wonder that anyone can make it through nine months of pregnancy without having a clue something is up. "Can you imagine sitting down on the toilet and thinking something is going to come out of somewhere," she writes on her blog, "only to discover that something totally different came out a completely different orifice?"

    Viewers' horror and repulsion may hide a perverse envy. The cult of pregnancy today requires a lot of self-denial. Women are advised to avoid alcohol and cigarettes, as well as deli meat, sushi, coffee and a million other pleasures. But the women of I Didn't Know I Was Pregnant didn't deny themselves anything during those nine months, had few if any symptoms and still wound up with perfect-looking babies!

    The show's executive producers, Mike Mathis and Tammy Wood, insist they are not suggesting prenatal care isn't important. And yet in every story they choose to present, the prenatal-careless women are happy and the babies are healthy.

    Somber voice-overs try to explain why each woman didn't notice her pregnancy, often to comic effect: "She urinated normally." Sometimes the woman doesn't realize she's pregnant because she's obese or has irregular periods. Sometimes it's because she has been told it's impossible for her to get pregnant or because she thinks she's on fail-proof birth control.

    Or maybe she's just in deep denial?
    "Pregnancy can be a scary thing," says Judy Norsigian, executive director of the nonprofit foundation Our Bodies, Ourselves. "For some terrified girls, they plead ignorance even if they really aren't."
    Norsigian is among those who are not thrilled with the success of the show. "These TLC shows make it look like every birth is a crisis," she says. "We need to create a climate of confidence rather than a climate of doubt."

    Perhaps the show doesn't have the best message: that a woman's total ignorance of her body results in a happy surprise. But that observation is unlikely to stop anyone who can stomach the toilet humor from tuning in.

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