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Thread: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bellatheball View Post
    Re the tortured looks on Harry's face...I actually thought that was a great addition. His looks often mimicked some of Voldermort's mannerisms (sp?) which were described in the book. The way I took it was that was his way of showing Harry is getting a glimpse into Voldemort's thoughts.

    Re Neville, he's incredibly important. You learn in book 5 that the prophesy may have actually been meant for Neville rather than Harry. I have a feeling Neville will be extremely important for Book 7. JKR has made way too many subtle references to Neville to leave him out.

    Hagrid's brother will probably also prove to be important. Let's face it, JKR cuts out all of the fluff. Every sentence seems to have importance. If you go back and reread the first books, you'll see this is true. Hagrid does make an attempt to have the giants join Dumbledore and the Order of the Phoenix.

    Mr. Weasley was attacked because he was guarding Harry's prophesy from the Death Eaters. If I remember right, someone from the Order was posted outside of that door at the Ministry at all times. Harry saw the attack as though he was doing the attacking. Later we realize he can read Voldemort's thoughts which is why he saw the events in that way.

    Re Padfoot: When James (Harry's dad) and his friends were in school, they all had nicknames. Sirius was Padfoot. When he yells to Snape that Padfoot is in trouble, it's his way of telling him about Sirius without giving anything away to Umbridge. Sirius would know about the nicknames because he was in school with James and Sirius.

    Now that I've typed that all out I see everyone else has already explained. Sigh. AO the books are far far better than the movies will ever be. Unfortunately to recreate the books, you'd have an 8-10 hour movie. Personally, I'd love it but I don't imagine movie companies would bank on it.
    Sirius was Padfoot (Dog)
    James was Prongs (Deer)
    Peter Pettigrew was Wormtail (Rat)
    Lupin was Moony (Werewolf)
    Lupin's friends became animagus since he was a werewolf ...
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    I think it's a damn shame that they left out that whole story line from the third movie. It was really cool to read about. Like I said, each book needs about 8-10 hours of film.

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    3rd book is still my favorite. i cannot say that enough.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Allie View Post
    Sirius grew on my with this movie. They should have made him more likeable and less dirty in story 3. BAH!
    He reminded me of Harry Kewell. But we all know Harry Kewell is too kewell for Hogwarts skewell.

    I thought he looked pretty good for a man who had spent 12 years locked in a dungeon!!
    ETA: He also had the "Dementors" sucking the life out of him a little at a time for 12 years!! I'd say he looked pretty DARNED good then!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheONe View Post
    the truth is that I get annoyed by hearing british accents for extended periods of time...
    Really? They're just talking. Why does that annoy you?

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    Loved it. Taking a break from reading the last book right. I can't believe I actually put it down!

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    I was very disappointed with this movie. I read in Entertainment Weekly that the director felt the other movies were too long and wanted to make it leaner. The terrifying part is that this same dumbass director is apparently directing Half-Blood Prince. Sheesh. Hopefully he has learned there are a few things in life you don't fuck with and HP is one of them. I would willingly sit through a long movie if it was done well and represented the book well. I doubt I am alone.

    Too much of the subplots were left out. Yeah, HP is our protagonist but the fans care about the other characters and the subplots are very important later on.

    My final thought-- am I the only one who really HATES Dumbledore #2?! He is just AWFUL!! Richard Harris was just fantastic but I have never for one moment bought this other guy as Dumbledore. He can't settle on an accent for one thing, his acting is horrid, and for some unknown reason they have made him more gray (Richard Harris' Dumbledore was true to the book with the white hair etc.)

    Okay, so it wasn't my final thought---The young lady who plays Luna Lovegood is fantastic!! Her portrayal is dead-on!!

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