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Thread: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part Two

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sassiness View Post
    The epilogue was as shit as I was expecting.
    I hated the epilogue in the book and the movie, too. Both would have been better without them.

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    Saw it last week (2D version, I didn't feel like watching it 3D when all prevoious films are 2D).
    I waited as much as I could, because I loved the books so much, I was afraid the film would ruin the experience.
    It turned out to be a good film: it was the best of all 8 films, yet still not as good as the novels are.
    If any of you saw the films and liked them, but didn't read the novels, well... I think you'd love the books.
    I liked how they handled Snape's memories, but wished they'd added Ron's line about the house elves (trying to write things without being spoilerish).
    There were some weird cuts near the end, so I believe (hope) there will be a longer dvd version.

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    We just saw this in 2D a couple of hours ago. I have only read the first book in the series. And that was years ago. I am thinking about starting the series and reading them now. I have really enjoyed all the movies, but wish this movie could have given more info on what they ended up doing in their adult lives. You have become so invested in these characters over the years, that you just want the story to continue, I guess. I am a bit sad the story is over.

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    In this past week my brother, son, and I watched all the potter movies and went to see part 2 yesterday. It was awesome and now we want to read the books. I know they can't fit everything into the movies but were Snape's memories longer in the book. I am one of those that thought he was evil until the end. But his character ended up being the best ever. And harry and ron were aged and pudgy at the end but hermione and ginny looked super young still.

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