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Thread: Freakshow alert: Anna Nicole Smiths first TV interview set for Nov 2nd!

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    Yes, they do a spinal epidural for a C-section. I have had two. You can't feel anything below the waist, just a slight tugging sensation.

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    Ok I have to say as a parent, single parent for 11 yrs, that was one hard interview to watch.
    I cant even imagine the pain she feels no matter if her son is labeled a drug addict. She lost a part of her that no one will ever understand.
    Personally I wouldnt have been able to keep it together. But that is me.
    I happen to catch the tail end of the delivery room scene and man was she wacked out. My sister had two C-sections and I cant recall my sister being that wacked out. I do remember her shaking as the stuff wore off. She was cracking jokes about it.

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