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Thread: 'Finding Nemo' Sequel Confirmed

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    I wonder if we'll be here to bitch about it.
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    Aw, Nemo was the first movie my oldest got into and the first character he latched onto. I'll definitely see this!
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    My now 14yo son LOVED Finding Nemo so much that we saw it 4 times in the theater and wore out one DVD. Even my now 18yo really enjoyed it 10 years ago.

    Really hope that the sequel doesn't suck too bad.

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    Finding Nemo is one of my favorites, but I am a little hesitant to jump on board with this. Pixar is so great at coming up with original story lines and it seems like they're taking the lazy route and just coming out with sequels instead (Monsters University is coming out next year, the Toy Story trilogy).

    I guess I'll wait and see how Monsters University is to determine if they have the ability to keep with good sequels (the Toy Story series was awesome) but I hope that sequels aren't going to be all that Pixar puts out from now on.
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    Monsters, Inc. is one of my favs!
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    Disney's Animal Kingdom has a "Finding Nemo" musical with really elaborate puppets and staging. It is freaking awesome. Also, it's a great way to get some relief when the park is too hot.

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    ^^The 'Turtle Talk' with Crush the Turtle at Epcot is really cute too.

    We were about to donate our Nemo plushes, but might keep em around for a few more years. Dig em out in 2016....if I can stand it to keep them that long.

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    I love, love, love Pixar movies. My favorites are the Incredibles and Monsters Inc. I remember after the Incredibles release, Brad Bird (creator) said he was done with those characters ... I was so bummed, especially since the ending was left WIDE open for a sequel. Now Brad Bird is saying he's open to a sequel. Squeal!! I would have really loved to see a sequel from Monster's Inc., (definitely my favorite one), but I'll take a prequel too (another one left wide open for a sequel). I love Finding Nemo, but ithink I'm a little numb to it. My young son latched on to that thing, and it was on a never ending loop for months ... even so, I'd love to see the sequel! I think I love that stuff more than my 8 year old.

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    Quote Originally Posted by greysfang View Post
    I fucking hate nemo so hard, even more than pocahontas. Luckily my kids didn't really care for it either.
    Holy shit I've always thought I was the only one hating that movie ! Every one around me just adooooooooooooooooooores Nemo and I really don't understand why, I fell asleep during that damn film !
    I was so disappointed because I really wanted to like it, having lived in Australia for a very short while and always having wanted to return there, but no, I didn't like it.

    Love DisneyLand Paris's attraction based on the movie though :p
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