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Thread: Finding Bigfoot on Animal Planet

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mel1973 View Post
    That's because everyone knows Bigfoot (what the hell is the plural of Bigfoot?) is REAL!

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    Default Finding Bigfoot Minnesota

    Ok, i've enjoyed watching this program for a while now. And i've tolerated the catch phrase "Skwatchy" also for entertainment. but when they jump into a tracked vehicle and tear through a bog "Wetland" and purposely run over and destroying numerous tamarack trees and seeing how fast they can go through this wetland while laughing as their doing it......its just wrong especially on tv.... The MN department of natural resources is gonna have a field day if they see this program. Dont get me wrong i like the show, but do they realize the impact this has on the bog, and its plants that are only able to grow in that type of wetland environment. The ratings are'nt worth it.

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