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Thread: Disney to release film featuring its first ever black princess

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    MY all time favorite is 'The Little Mermaid'...

    I'm excited that they're going old school 2D with this!!!

    I'm so tired of all of the stupid CGI movies. Ugh.

    Anywho, I own maybe 10 original VHS tapes from the Disney collection...the 'classics' edition...

    This is why I love Goodwill because they have like ALL of the Disney tapes there so that I can continue adding to my collection.

    Disney movies were a huge part of my youth. Sometimes when I get upset or something I curl up on the couch with a blanket and just pop in some Disney movies...

    It instantly soothes me and my adult problems momentarily vanish.

    I know...that sounds incredibly lame.

    The brain doesn't need blood. It just needs to be kept wet.

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    I'm glad they made her a real brown-skinned chick instead of the light-skinned curly-haired black girl image that's been shoved down our throats of what a beautiful black girl looks like (no-offence to any light-skinned posters). I have no problem with the prince being mixed. It's cool that they turned the tables a bit.
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