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Thread: Dexter - Series 4

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    Quote Originally Posted by NoDayButToday View Post
    He does have that ability to play deranged, and it won't be the first "psycho" role he's played. His voice role in Shrek was the villain, and he played a villain in Ricochet. His list of film/TV roles is a mile long, and that's not even including his stage work. The more I think about it, the more excited I am that he'll be in it. I think it's a great casting choice.
    Quote Originally Posted by gas_chick View Post
    Check him out in Raising Cain. He was a scary psycho! Can't wait for this!
    I think he's a great actor. I've seen him play sinister and serious roles and have seen him on broadway, too. Only problem is, everytime I lay eyes on him I start laughing because I think of some scene from "Third Rock". He was so truly hilarious in that role. My fav being the one with the tight leather jeans. Can't wait for Dexter to start the new season, and really looking forward to seeing Lithgow. BTW, did you know that his son plays one of his students in Third Rock? Can't think of the name of the character -- it's the kid with the dark hair who sits behind the black girl. If you watch Third Rock reruns, look at him, you will see the resemblance to his dad.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mella View Post
    I can't wait two months! I want it now!
    As Canadian as possible under the circumstances


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