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Thread: Cloverfield

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    I was so psyched about this movie when I first heard about. I saw the trailer and I was like "Oh shit! Its like some type of end of the world movie. This looks awesome." Then the release was near and I was getting even more excited, like I had a Cloverfield hard-on or something. I was so ready to watch it; I was hyped, my friends were hype. "This is going to be the shit!"

    ...And then I heard about the Cloverfield monster. I have never been so disappointed in my life. I still want to see it, but not in theaters.

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    We saw it last night and didn't care for it. It had no plot and the camera work, true to media reports, was nauseating. I'd wait for the DVD if I had it to do over again.

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    I just watched this movie and I loooved it! Can't believe nobody here enjoyed it, I've never been so tense for an entire movie! The monster was terrifying and I loved the camera work, it made it a lot more real. Thought it was fantastic.
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    Some parts it was annoying because of the camera work, but I actually liked it. It was good and I liked how it was supposed to be a home movie.

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