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Thread: Captain America: The First Avenger

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    That's why my favourite superhero film is the latest x-men. Great characters and actors with less focus on special effects than in the other films.

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    Want to add (spoiler ahead):

    I loved Sam Jackson at the end because I'm a Sam Jackson fantard. Was not expecting him at all.

    I liked that this movie was in old times. Thought it'd be in the modern age.

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    CMMDee - regarding your spoiler - 100% agreed. That would be the only reason i would see the sequel.

    As for this movie i wasn't expecting much and i am glad. The plot unfortunately let it down.

    The lead was wooden.

    The first hour took too long to set up the backstory IMO.

    The scenes with the Nazi's were boring and long. They should have cut them down.

    This movie was nothing special.

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    I thought the SFX regarding Chris Evans were pretty darn spectacular. There was no body double - that was always Chris. The "skinny" body was computer generated.

    Spoiler below in white:

    The story was a bit boring and slow. I didn't understand, nor care, about the Red Skull and his plan to destroy... everything? Although taking a break to have his portrait painted, natch. But I didn't understand how he found Odin's... ummm... cube. Or why Hitler would give hundreds of troopers to the Red Skull after exiling the Skull to the Alps. And if Captain America's shield absorbed all vibrations, it wouldn't bounce off anything when he threw it... so screw you Stan Lee!

    I'm still bloody eager for The Avengers next year (I only just found out that Joss Whedon is filming it! Squee!).
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    saw the trailer when i went to see harry potter and i can tell it's pure shit. i have no desire to see this.
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