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Thread: Can someone please explain Borat to me?

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    Ugh and the eyes!
    And the nose He is very handsome! And sounds very intelligent as well. And that accent!

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    I, too, had to do a double-take when I saw him as SB Cohen, not Borat. Not bad 'tall...

    I thought the movie was hilarious, and yes, the tbag scene was gross and probably unnecessary, but the satire in it was well worth suffering through it!
    The first step to acquiring wisdom is to admit that you really know nothing.

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    Fuck you all. The naked wrestling scene was FUNNY. So there.

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    I have not seen the movie, but just watched the naked wrestling scene on YouTube. I fell on the floor laughing, however, if I had seen this at the movie theatre, I would have been embarrassed.
    What's hysterical in the privacy of the second bedroom on the computer is not the same as what's hysterical at the movies.
    I instinctively hate this guy, when I saw him as himself, Sasha Baron Whatever, at the golden globes, (was that it?), he looked and acted just like my first husband, so I am totally biased, in a very bad way.
    He may be a good guy, but the physical resemblence is amazing...
    DH is a Siberian Tiger

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    Repti, I have that problem with Rod Stewart. I swear a former lover of mine and Rod Stewart are brothers. Mine was even better looking and more charming that the Rod himself. I can't stand to listen to Rod's voice because it brings back memories of the other lech Brit.

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