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Thread: 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer': Warner Bros. sinks fangs into reboot

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    So much win in Joss' response.

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    Now if I remember correctly there was an issue on the fifth season of Buffy where Warner Bros refused to pick up the show, so it went to UPN. years later Warner Bros wants to pick up and create a movie. I can't even explain how stupid this sound. So, Sarah Michelle Gellar is associated with the character as well as the Scooby Gang, so I guess Warner Bros is relying on a younger audience that has never even heard of Buffy?

    What is the target audience? Most Buffy fans are not going to see it. Let me guess it's due to vampires being big right now? I can bet we are going to see a few wussy vampires, and a dimwitted bony blonde.

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