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Thread: Blue Valentine Trailer

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    ^^ he deserves every oscar out there.

    Quote Originally Posted by Chalet View Post
    I am a true Ryan lover! I carry a laminated card!

    I agree with you too, Stef about him having chemistry with her but her not with him. Great analysis. Makes me think of when he was singing and
    playing to her - the audience around me was giggling and totally charmed.
    damn, i need that card, too!

    i loved that scene. he was on jimmy kimmel live a couple of days ago and he sang with him, too, and played the ukelele, it was so great. you definitely have to watch it on youtube. and i also recommend the video where he's on ellen in a onesie.
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    Finally saw this on DVD the other day. At times it was just hard to watch. I got up and started cleaning stuff in the middle of the motel scene. I didn't like the ending either. Not that I wanted the movie to drag out longer, but I was like "that's IT?!" Ryan Gosling was superb as always, but Michelle was just meh. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt and say that's how her character was written.

    I heard the NC-17 rating (according to Lainey), was because of the motel scene where he was trying to have sex with her and she was resisting...that it was too emotionally real and similar to a rape scene.

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