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Thread: Big Little Lies on HBO

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    I finally watched and finished the series I loved it. Madeline reminds me a lot of moms in my town, with some Renata's I have a friend whose like Bonnie in so many ways. They weren't caricatures they were characters with flaws.
    I'd love to see more about Bonnie and Renata they weren't as fleshed out as others, along with a new character and building on the others. But I'm also happy with it being a mini series.
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    I just rewatched the series over the last two days and I'm still having a really hard time letting these characters go. I *really* hope there is a second season. I want to see how Jane closes that chapter of her life (she was always searching, searching, searching for Ziggy's father), the way Celeste moves on with her life and raises the boys. And there's so much more missing from the lesser characters that I'd be interested in knowing. Fingers crossed.

    And I want more amazing music from Chloe's iPod.
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    I just finished the book and the series. The book was so much better.

    Madeline's affair - I thought this was just filler for the show but I get that they needed some sort of "lie" for her.

    Abigail - In the book, she was 14, and the website actually went live and had tons of lewd comments. On the show, they made her 16 and no one ever saw the website. The book's version had a lot more impact. Also, the show didn't flesh out Madeline and Abigail's history together very well which downplayed how betrayed she felt when Abigail left to live with her dad.

    Bonnie - OMG, I HATED how the show portrayed Bonnie. I'm not sure what it was...but not at all how I pictured her.

    Celeste - An unpopular opinion, but while I think Nicole K. did a good job acting, she isn't beautiful enough to play Celeste. The book describes her as the most beautiful women you've ever seen, and Nicole just isn't.

    Jane - in the book, Jane's rape included tons of verbal abuse, which affected her the most. She went from normal weight to anorexic because Perry/Saxon Banks had said so many mean things about her appearance. I thought leaving that part out was a disservice to the book.

    Perry - I don't get why they changed the Saxon Banks storyline for the series. In the book, when Saxon Banks is mentioned, Celeste thinks for a while that a cousin of Perry's shares his genetic trait of violence, but then finally remembers that Perry used Saxon Banks as an alias before. It's a lot more dramatic.

    The balcony - Why they had Perry pushed down stairs is beyond me. Probably so they could foreshadow it throughout the series with Madeline climbing the stairs and going through the caution tape?

    One thing the show did better - having the women together when Perry died. In the book, Nathan and Ed were on the balcony and they didn't want to lie. The women covering for Bonnie and coming together with their shared secret was the perfect ending.
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    Totally agree, 100%, the book was so much better. But, as with all book vs movie vs tv series, the books always have so much more detail which helps the story line. I loved this book. I also really liked the series and the changes they made.
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