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Thread: The Bachelorette S05

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    No!!! I thought it was true love!! I feel cheated. Goddamn it.

    Now I have to place all my hope in "More to Love".

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    Sorry for the bump, but had to share!

    Bachelorette" Jillian Harris is a bachelorette once again.

    The Canadian brunette confirmed to Us Weekly that she's called off her engagement to Ed Swiderski for now. "I love him and I'm really sad, but I have to look out for me," Harris, 29, told the magazine.

    The problem, according to Us Weekly, was Swiderksi's hard-partying ways, which included allegations that he had been seeing other women. Responding to the rumors of infidelity, Swiderski, 30, wrote on his blog in June, "Last I checked, I do not live in a monastery, and I'm definitely a bit of a frat boy at heart."

    Though Harris has moved out of the Chicago apartment she shared with Swiderski, the couple - who got engaged on camera in May 2009 - aren't positive that they're over for good.

    "Jillian isn't happy and I'm definitely sad about the whole thing," Swiderski, 30, told Us Weekly, "but we got to work through some things on our own if we decide to move forward."

    Adds Harris, "I've spent the last few years of my life making rash decisions, and this isn't going to be one of them."

    Another reality show romance bites the dust – The Marquee Blog - Blogs


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    Bachelorette‘s Jillian Harris & Ed Swiderski Taking Time ApartJuly 7, 2010

    Is there something in The Bachelor water?

    Just two weeks after Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi announced they were separating, former Bachelorette star Jillian Harris and fiancÚ Ed Swiderski are taking a break, PEOPLE has learned.

    According to a source at ABC, the two “are taking some time apart to re-evaluate their relationship.”

    The couple, who got engaged May 2009 on the ABC reality show and settled down together in Swiderski’s one-bedroom Chicago condo in September, had previously discussed having a 2010 wedding.

    “It feels more normal than any relationship I’ve ever had,” Harris told PEOPLE three months after the computer software consultant proposed in Hawaii. “When we’re together it’s very real.”

    But their engagement hasn’t been without its ups and downs.

    In August, they weathered rumors about Swiderski’s alleged infidelity when two women claimed he had been stringing both of them along while filming The Bachelorette.

    Harris stood by Swiderski, saying she was “not destroyed” by the allegations.

    “Ed and I are trying to find humor in all of this –- and there isn’t much -– but it’s bringing us closer,” she told PEOPLE at the time. — Eunice Oh

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    Exclusive: Bachelorette Jillian: Why I Finally Walked Away From Ed

    Credit: Bob D'Amico/ABC; Amelie Mucci/LE/Splash News Online

    A Bachelorette again!

    After splitting with fiance Ed Swiderski, Jillian Harris has left his hometown of Chicago for her old apartment in Vancouver -- and she's dating again.

    "It was the last thing I wanted to do," the reality star, 29, admits in the new Us Weekly (out now). "It's terrible to leave because the other person doesn't know what they want," Harris tells Us, adding she "fought very hard" to save the relationship.

    As Harris endured what she called a "really sad summer," Swiderski, 31, has been spotted flirting with several women in Chicago post-split.

    "He's not a bad guy," Harris (who recently went on a date with a local pro athlete) tells Us of her ex. "He's just not quite ready to grow up."

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