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Thread: Was anyone unlucky enough to see K-Fed on Jay Leno last night?

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    I happened to catch this on tv. I was tuning to NBC to watch Conan. I guess my clock was off bcos Leno was still on when I changed the channel. And I saw the most awful thing ever.

    I couldnt believe it was KFed on my tv. I couldnt believe anyone would want him as a "musical guest." Leno, I thought you were low. Tsk tsk. (reason 25720570 to not like Leno)

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    Did you notice that Jay hesitated before shaking his hand though? I swear the look on Jay's face was priceless! (Glad I dodged the book...running back out!)

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    No! Thank *gawd*!
    He's certainly making the rounds. I usually am drawn to train wrecks but not him. He is repulsive.
    I will be giddy when Brit Brit files for divorce.

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    He is probably the one person in the world who honestly should NOT chase his dreams, or keep on trying, give it all he's got, and other encouraging things we'd say to normal people who feel they must pursue their calling in life.

    Please give it up! Stop trying, quit embarrassing yourself and assaulting our senses. There is no talent there. I'm dying for Simon Cowell to give us his opinion of K-Fed.

    On the dancing note, I also was wondering how in the hell he ever got PAID to be a backup dancer. He looked like he had no rhythm and NO stage presence. He was unsure of all his moves. Was he stoned?

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    I saw the entire thing, wish I really hadnt, but like a car wreck I had to stop and see. The dude with him singing made it bearable to listen not necessarily to watch. K-Fuckhead is no rapper what so ever. I kept wondering about the dancers, yes they were for shit, and musicians. Wonder what it took to get them to perform with this gooberhead. I guess some will sell their souls just to get a foot in the door of "entertainment"

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