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Thread: Angelina Jolie: 'Salt' Sequel in the Works?

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    I'm with you there, Venus. She looked so wasted and sickly in that movie I was unable to suspend the required amount of disbelief to buy her being able to do anything whatsoever that required physical exertion. Much less, kicking ass.
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    I liked it, it was great fun to watch, especially when she turned into a man, roflmao!!

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    Angelina Jolie Rejects New Draft Of Salt 2

    published: 2012-03-03 13:04:55 Author: Katey Rich

    The Angelina Jolie-led action thriller Salt was a surprisingly bit hi when it opened in the summer of 2010, holding its own against male-led action films like The Expendables and Prince of Persia and reaffirming Jolie's importance as a female action star. And while a sequel was put into development pretty quickly, it's been quiet ever since then, with nothing but word that the sequel was in process and Philip Noyce would not be returning to direct it.

    Now Jolie herself may have put another obstacle in the film's way. Moviehole reports that Jolie has turned down the recent script drafted by Kurt Wimmer, and the writer is now reshaping it to hopefully come up with a draft that makes the actress happy. Jolie has seemed committed to the film in the past-- and it's her vehicle, so she can shape it however she likes-- but the longer they wait to put something together, the less likely it may become that the movie happens. Jolie is plenty in demand, of course, and she's getting ready to play the Disney villainess Maleficent, with plenty of other projects also on the docket. Is she always going to be able to make time for Salt 2?

    Angelina Jolie Rejects New Draft Of Salt 2 -

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    I think she'd be wise not to do Salt 2!

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    Well, it depends on the script. I liked the first Salt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dowcat View Post
    The Angelina Jolie-led action thriller Salt was a surprisingly bit hi when it opened in the summer of 2010,
    what? do these people not even read this stuff before posting it?
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    i was feeling a bit hi(gh) too...
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    I liked Salt, too. I was ticked when they left the movie without an ending.

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