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Thread: Angelina Jolie: E True Hollywood Story

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    Default Re: Angelina Jolie: E True Hollywood Story

    Are E! True Hollywood Stories always authorized by the person they biography?

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    Default Re: Angelina Jolie: E True Hollywood Story

    yes the smell of cunt is intoxicating

    Additional Comment:
    Quote Originally Posted by ourmaninBusan
    Is it because she's too old at 36? No -- because it turns out
    she's only 30 after all, not 36.
    I could've sworn I read
    "36-year-old Jolie" somewhere.

    Is it because she's a homewrecker? Not particularly. And that
    doesn't make her exceptionally vile, compared to the H'wood
    TV star from the 1950s who used to pay prostitutes to urinate
    on a glass table so he could watch from underneath. Angelina is
    positively tasteful compared to that.

    No, I think it's because she is a self-important cow.

    She's going around on her UN missions, posing as if she's
    a hot Mother Teresa, when she hasn't even conquered Hollywood.

    Think of it -- has Angelina made a classic? Has she made a movie
    that belongs in the same league as even popular entertainments like
    Raiders of the Lost Ark or Superman? Has she made a cult classic?

    And yes, she won an Oscar. So did Shelley Winters -- two of them,
    in fact. Were the films any good?

    My point is, we don't need to know Jolie's story
    because there IS no story.

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    Default Re: Angelina Jolie: E True Hollywood Story

    Quote Originally Posted by lennonfan
    She does?!
    I was a bit perplexed by that too??

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