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Thread: America's Next Top Model Cycle 11 (aka Tyra on an Acid Trip)

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    The transexual girl looks more feminine than many of the 'women' who've been on the show before.

    I quite like the Ukranian girl.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dangerous View Post
    wow, I would have guessed so many of those other models to be transsexuals before Isis.

    I like Elina.
    I would have guessed that the girl named "Clark" was the trans-sexual... when is this "weird/unique" name trend going to end??

    I find Elina quite striking as well...
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    Tyra just needs to stop. She has become beyond annoying.

    Transexuality aside I don't see what they see in Isis. And won't swim/lingerie shoots be hard since she's pre-op? I know she can tuck but won't there be a bit of lumpy-ness?

    Kimora wannabe Sheena is beautiful but her voice annoys.

    I like Brittany (the Indian looking one)

    Analeigh looks like Michelle Traechtenberg (sp)

    The one chick should never tell people she went to Harvard.

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    Sheena (half Korean/half Japanese) is so ghetto. I don't care if you're from Harlem - learn some poise and tact, you big skank.

    Ilina is quite pretty. Clark thinks she's just the best, even though she looks like you're every day high school chick.
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    Oh god the Tyrabot!

    Well I like Elina and McKey the best! The others are whatever.
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    LOL the sci-fi shit had me rolling on the floor. Me and my boyfriend could'nt stop laughing at all the stupid assed special effects. I think what killed me was when Tyra and the Jays teleported "BEAM ME UP...FIERCELY" is so going to be my quote of the week.

    Anyway I like some of the girls now that I seen them in motion. McKey and Marjorie are my favorites because they're so awesome. Isis is cool too expcially because nothing stopped her despite all the cattiness. Clark is still pretty hot but she needs to keep that damn mouth shut and just stand there and look pretty.

    Shenna is ghetto but funny. lol

    Oh and here's the pictures from the episode:
    topmodel: Photos from the premiere

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