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Thread: Is American Idol on the decline?

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    My daughter has consistently refused to watch since Season 1. She was and is completely in love with Kelly, goes to all her concerts, but that's it. She doesn't even want to hear about AI at all. That's the 23 yr old demographic, Fox, and shove it where the sun don't shine. Better yet, get a clue as to how to improve your damn show.
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    It may have good ratings but I think a good judge would be how many unique calls they get on a voting night. All they ever announce is the total number but not how many actual households voted (for 28 mil votes I wouldn't be suprised to hear that only 2 mil actually voted innumerable times).

    I've only missed one season of AI - the year Carrie won. Other than that I've watched pretty much every episode. Personally I prefer Canadian Idol, it just has something that AI lacks. The talent isn't necessarily commercial, each person is unique (Jacob Hoggarth being a prime example) and it just has... something more. This year CI contestants are welcome to bring instruments to the auditions which will bring in a new crowd of talent that would otherwise avoid the show.

    This year's AI sucks so far. They should change the formula for next year. Give the judges more to do than pick the 30 finalists and critique from there. Why not have a judge's choice? Narrow it down to the bottom three and have the judge's pick who goes - or vice versa. The judge's pick the bottom three and America votes. That format works well for "So you think you can dance" - the audience picks the bottom two and the judges pick who goes from those two. At least that way there would be some semblance of this being an actual talent competition instead of a popularity contest.

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    Yes. Yes it is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LynnieD View Post
    I've never watched the show. And I don't know why...perhaps its just rebellion on my part? But there's something, and I cannot put my finger on it, that really turns me off about it. Seems so mean spirited or something, yet I am unsure if that is the actual reason.

    It's on so often it seems. Just constantly. Jumped the shark.
    I've never watched it either, for similar reasons. Plus, I've had to watch enough untalented people in my life. I'd never do it again unless I was getting paid.

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    ^^^^Must be the Sag in us! Can't take the bullshit!

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