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Thread: Abby and Brittany

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    THA fuck. Apparently, Dori a.k.a "Reba" has come out as always having identified as male and now goes by George. First transgender conjoined twins ever? That's gotta be a bitch to find a peer group.
    Lori and George Schappell - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    by the way, they're the inverse of Abby and Brittany--joined at the head with separate bodies.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ManxMouse View Post
    There are conjoined twins named Lori and Dori that are very much like these two, they used to go on Jerry Springer all the time. One of them had limited mobility, IIRC, and always had to sit on a special chair. Also, Chang and Eng Bunker and the Hilton sisters were conjoined twins who lived well into adulthood, but those two pairs each had separate upper bodies, I think.
    Yeah, they were joined at the heads though, and both have full - though not fully functioning in one who also has CP - bodies. What I meant with the uniqueness of Abby and Brittany is that as far as I know they're the only conjoined twins with more or less 1 body (albeit with each having at least part of their own organs) but with two heads as in looking like a single but two-headed person twins.
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