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Thread: George Clooney scrubbing up again for 'ER' finale

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    Default George Clooney scrubbing up again for 'ER' finale

    ER paged Dr. Rossóand he answered.

    Sources tell E! News that George Clooney will be shooting scenes this week for an upcoming episode of the hit medical series, which is in its 15th and final season on NBC.

    The network recently ordered up another three episodes of its stalwart Thursday-night drama, raising hopes that nabbing Clooney for a guest spot was one of the reasons for the extension.

    Aw, George. Is there any humanitarian cause he won't support?

    The Oscar winner last appeared on ER for an uncredited minute in 2000, a year after taking off to make movies full-time, to help tie up the storyline for Julianna Margulies' departing character, Nurse Carol Hathaway, who had twin daughters with Clooney's Dr. Doug Ross.

    Life & Style quotes a source saying that Clooney and Margulies will reunite as "part of an effort to wrap up all of the original characters' story lines" and that their episode will air toward the end of February, during sweeps.

    Whether or not Clooney would pop up one last time has been up in the air for months, despite Noah Wyle's past assurance that his former costar would return, "schedule permitting."

    The Michael Clayton star's publicist didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. And an ER rep would not confirm other reports that Clooney would be shooting his scenes Thursday and Friday.

    ER's series finale airs April 2 on NBC.

    Code Awesome: George Clooney Scrubbing Into ER - E! Online

    I think this is good---he'd look like a douchebag if he didn't....and hell, come on, it's probably one day of work right? I'm glad.

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    I haven't watched E.R. since...ummm I think since Dr. Mark Green died.

    But I agree it would be nice to see Clooney there again. Most "big stars" aren't as gracious to the shows that made their careers.
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    George Clooney sucks donkey balls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixiebelle View Post
    I haven't watched E.R. since...ummm I think since Dr. Mark Green died.

    But I agree it would be nice to see Clooney there again. Most "big stars" aren't as gracious to the shows that made their careers.
    i really havent either. they brought him back for one episode this year. I've kind of watched this season, but i just dont care for the characters at all. Except Dr Pratt, and he died the first epi. It was a sad one too.

    it'll be nice to see Dr Ross back.
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    Yeah I used to watch it back in the day, so I may DVR it and skip to the part where he shows up and that's about it.

    This show died out a long time ago. The story lines are getting ridiculous (and Grey's is heading the same way.)
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    I like watching the older episodeson TNT when I can. Haven't seen any of the newer ones. Might tape the one with him on it though so I can watch it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sweetie View Post
    George Clooney sucks donkey balls.
    Pictures please! I am that bored

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