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Thread: Kevin Kline as Cyrano

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    Default Kevin Kline as Cyrano

    If Cyrano de Bergerac is your thing, it's running on PBS stations. I was watching with such delight for 30 minutes. Kevin playing with charm, heart and soul, Chris Sarandon was so terrific and handsome. Filmed on Broadway.

    And then.

    Jennifer Garner walks on as Roxane. Of all the actresses that could have played that part. Ugly as sin and can't speak proper English, ESPECIALLY in a Broadway show. I got so disgusted I had to turn it off and now I'm here, so disappointed. That little simp made the scenes she was in unwatchable.

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    I love him....just love him

    A Fish Called Wanda was on comedy central this weekend and it reminded me of how much I love him

    I dvr'd Cyrano, but I haven't watched it yet

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