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Thread: Frost/Nixon (film)

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    Default Frost/Nixon (film)

    This is such an important project, everyone should see it.
    Television interviews and journalists were forever changed by this series of interviews by David Frost, a man the studio men roundly dismissed.
    Every network in the US turned Frost down, so he borrowed the money from friends to set up the Nixon interview.
    Even though my father is a right-wing Republican, he saved many Life/Look magazines, some of which showcased the Kent State shootings. He allowed me to use them for research when I was in high school.
    I always blamed Nixon for Kent State, the My Lai Massacre, the Jackson State killings and I couldn't forgive him until I saw this film.

    My buddy Colin reviewed it on his website
    Movie Review -*'Frost/Nixon' - Get The Big Picture -
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    This film looks pretty interesting. I might have to check it out.

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    I'd prefer viewing the real thing. David Frost was on the BBC recently
    and said all 16 (SIXTEEN!!!!) hours of interview were taped and
    filmed. He should turn it into a DVD box.
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