By day, 35-year-old Alex (Covert) is the world's oldest video game tester, but by night. By night, he is privately developing the next big game for the X-Box generation. When one of his roommates(Loughran) spends all the rent money on Filipino hookers, Alex is kicked out of his apartment, and finds himself forced to live with his grandmother (Roberts) and her friends Grace (Jones) and Bea (Knight).
Saw it last sunday and I must say it was HILARIOUS. Definitely one to check out if you're a fan of silly sort of comedies. Nick Swardson was great...I was a little worried that people like Allen Covert (friends of adam sandler who are often cast in supporting roles in his films) couldnt carry a film that didnt include Adam Sandler somewhere, but I must say they all did a great job. A great movie that I plan to buy when it comes out on dvd.