The latest Bond blockbuster, Quantum of Solace, hits the big screen at the end of this month.
Here, we take a look at the stunts, the girls, the bad guys and of course, 007 himself.

The leading man: Daniel Craig

'Daniel understands the character very well and we always knew he’d be a great Bond...he’s probably the best actor of his generation in Britain’

Producer Barbara Broccoli: ‘Daniel understands the character very well and we always knew he’d be a great Bond. He keeps himself in tremendous physical shape and he’s probably the best actor of his generation in Britain.’

The Fall Girl: Gemma Arterton
'Kissing Daniel was great - I can't pretend that it wasn't,' Gemma Arterton talks about falling for 007's charms

Agent Fields (Gemma Arterton) is a new MI6 recruit, assigned by M to keep an eye on Bond in South America

Daniel Craig: ‘Gemma’s character is great and she plays it to the hilt. She’s an agent who seems clueless, but she’s smarter than we first think.'

The Avenging Angel: Olga Kurylenko
'Finding beautiful girls who can act is tricky, but Olga nailed it. She has this fantastic, icy detachment,' says Daniel Craig on his partner in revenge

Olga Kurylenko: ‘Camille is a girl with a tragic past. Her family were killed in front of her eyes when she was young. She knows the man who killed her family and her motivation is revenge. She’s got the tools to fight and she isn’t afraid to use her feminine charm.’

The Bond villains
'They're somewhere but you don't get a white cat or metal jaw as a clue'

Mathieu Amalric as Dominic Greene: 'Greene has the smile of Blair and the craziness of Sarkozy. A smile is the ultimate weapon. I found it very accurate that Greene is in ecology. The facade - nice guy, great guy, planting trees, giving land to the poor. Charming.'

The Bond car and garage
'There are foot-deep potholes all over the place - we smashed Bond's Aston Martin to pieces'

Bond is chased around Lake Garda by Quantum operatives in black Alfa Romeo 159s (above). The 159 is a sporty mid-range saloon that starts at about £19,000 but can do 155mph. The Land Rovers, lorry, Jaguar XJS and scooter are part of the crew’s fleet.

The Bond Party
'The locations are characters themselves. As soon as I saw the Old Union Club in Panama City (where the party was filmed) I fell in love with it'

The scene was shot at the Old Union Club in Panama City, a prestigious private members’ club now in ruins. Rumour has it that it became the headquarters of General Noriega, and was bombed in the 1989 US invasion of Panama.

The Bond Chase
'It was essential to start in the underground cisterns, go to street level, and then on to the roofs so you see different levels of the city'

The MI6 safe house where Bond and M interrogate Mr White is hidden in the cisterns of Siena – Renaissance-era sewers that criss-cross the city’s underbelly.

The Money Shot
'Daniel puts on the pads and says, "Just hit me. Go!" He needs it, to get the anger'

The script called for 54 controlled explosions to tear the building apart as Bond and Greene fight, so the set had to be rebuilt in its entirety on the 007 stage at Pinewood Studios, Buckinghamshire.

The Action Man
'There can be fireballs exploding behind him. He can be landing on fire and sliding across the floor on fire, but you know Daniel can do it'

Having infiltrated a mid-opera meeting between Dominic Greene and corrupt British and American agents, Bond
is rumbled and has to flee through a restaurant. He stops, gun cocked in that famous 007 pose (above and left), waiting for his targets, before firing off two shots and hurling himself across the countertop into the kitchen.

The Boats and The Bikes
'It took a lot of strength just to hold on. I discovered muscles I didn't know I had'

Camille has been kidnapped; naturally, Bond goes to the rescue. He hops onto a motorbike, rides over several boats and then jumps into a speedboat. He crashes that into a Sunseeker yacht, steals another boat and the chase is on.

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