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Thread: Lindsay Lohan as a fast food waitress in Ugly Betty

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    Default Lindsay Lohan as a fast food waitress in Ugly Betty

    With her red hair hidden by cap and her Flushing Burgers name tag she could be any young American, stuck in a dead end McJob.
    But the fast food waitress is actually actress Lindsay Lohan, who plays Kimberly.

    The show sees her get back in touch with her less-popular high school classmate, star-of-the-show Betty Suarez, played by America Ferrara.

    Lindsay Lohan guest stars as Kimberly the waitress in the new season premiere of Ugly Betty
    Lindsay is filming another guest appearance on the hit show, reprising her role as Betty Suarez's high school nemesis, Kimmie.


    Cheerleader Kimmie made Betty's high school years hell - but now Betty is the one with the enviable job.
    But while her onscreen character may be stuck at work Lindsay is busy sunning herself on a Mexican beach with girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

    America Ferrara watches as Lindsay Lohan sweeps up the filthy restaurant

    Do you want fries with that? Lindsay works at Flushing Burger

    Sneak peak: Lindsay Lohan tries out a new career as a fast food waitress in Ugly Betty | Mail Online

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    Why does she look like shit? Its definitely not the uniform. Its her. Why won't she just dye her hair BACK RED and Keep it. And fucking eat a damn sandwich?!

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    How come there's so much food on the ground? Did she throw it up?
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    her and betty had a food fight in the episode. i dont like lohan at all, but i thought she was good in character.
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    To be so young, poor Lindsay is looking hard in these shots. I hate it, every picture you see of her anymore, she has those furrowed brows, angry looking, and she is gonna have to get botox to smooth those out. I havent seen a smile on her face lately, smiling would get rid them.

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