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Thread: Exclusive new Valkyrie trailer!

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    Default Exclusive new Valkyrie trailer!

    Wow this looks SO exciting, can't wait, Tom Cruise looks and sounds perfect with his 'American' accent, I know y'all are excited for this too:


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    Why doesn't he have a German accent? He's playing a German! Lame.

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    Did this go straight to DVD already?
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    aww..they did a good job with the trailer.. and im such a ww2 buff, but Cruise just ruins it for me.

    God, if it had been say.. Christian Bale, i would so be there.
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    so they dragged this dog out of the can again.

    Grimm if your a WW2 buff then you'll go back and read how no one wanted Cruise for the role. They are trying to make a hero out of the man when he served under Rommel and only decided to kill Hitler when they realized Hitler was going nuts (1945).

    Nothing says crock of crap like a half dozen or so reshoots.

    who is going to see this thing except scientologists?
    wow a German war hero I'm so there........... phfft

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    Some reviews are in:

    Bottom Line: Well-crafted historical thriller boasts fine performances but fails to probe the motives behind the plot to kill Hitler.
    After keeping "Valkyrie" under wraps for months and moving its release date four times, MGM has finally pulled back the curtains on its Tom Cruise historical thriller to reveal a coolly efficient, entertaining and straightforward tale about the last of 15 known assassination attempts against Adolf Hitler.
    Cruise doesn't actually star in this movie as he has in nearly all his previous films. He is the key player in an ensemble, but he -- how to put this? -- blends in. Frankly, the following offer up equal if not more compelling performances: Kenneth Branagh's Maj.-Gen. Tresckow, an even stronger zealot; such ambiguous figures as Tom Wilkinson's Gen. Fromm and Eddie Izzard's Gen. Fellgiebel; Terence Stamp's Gen. Beck, who resigns as early as 1938 to protest Hitler's military aggression; and Bill Nighy's Gen. Olbricht, who hesitates at a crucial moment.
    Film Review: Valkyrie

    Story's fascination, ironies, missed opportunities, implications and what-if aspects invest "Valkyrie" with automatic appeal for anyone interested in history in general and World War II in particular. But a nagging feeling persists throughout that the film should be more gripping than it is, and that the men involved could have been revealed with more complexity and dimension.
    Pic's standout elements are the locations and the superb production design by Lilly Kilvert and Patrick Lumb, which convey a palpable sense of legendary historical sites such as the War Ministry, Wolf's Lair, Hitler's Berghof residence and the Benderblock (the executions of Stauffenberg and others were lensed at the actual spot). A couple Junkers three-engine planes of the sort used by Hitler are impressively employed, and attention to detail is felt down the line. Newton Thomas Sigel's lensing has a restrained elegance, and John Ottman once again doubles adroitly as editor and composer.
    Valkyrie Review - Read Variety's Analysis Of The Movie Valkyrie
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