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Thread: 'Cop' movies

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    Cool 'Cop' movies

    I was watching the trailer for Colin Farrell's latest cop drama, "Pride and Glory," and watching the trailer I noticed something about cop dramas in general.

    Is it just me, or does it seem that every single cop movie ever made features a funeral sequence in it? I swear, as soon as I find out a movie is about cops, I know there's gonna be a mournful sequence in it where a parade of cops march to the graveyard, bagpipes blare as gun salutes go off, and closeups of mournful widow and fellow cops. One of the biggest cliches in motion picture history.

    Also, does it seem like every single cop movie is about police corruption and how a cover up (or cover ups) threaten to derail the whole department?

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    ^^ well now it's a given if it's about NewYork or NOLA or Chicago.

    We are having Dirty Harry week at our house and there is always a dirty cop. Same with American Gangster had it's dirty cops.

    Sort of serves as a reminder cops are people and some people just arent' good cops.

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