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    Ok so I tried finding a thread on this movie because it's older but I couldn't find anything specific. I just watched Hard Candy this past weekend and was floored at how good it was. I found myself feeling uncomfortable the whole time but couldn't turn away. Imagine if there were vigilantes out there like her...

    Anyways just wanted to say that I highly recommend it to anyone. It's not the easiest of subjects but it's a powerful movie.

    Hard Candy (2005)
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    Ellen Page was awesome. This girl is going places.

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    This is an incredible movie that made me become a fan of Ellen Page. I've had a thing for Patrick Wilson for awhile now though, you should check him out in Little Children with Kate Winslet.
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    Patrick Wilson is hot! I was totally disgusted by him in this movie though. Ugg, the castration scene was horrifying! Ellen Page is amazing in it.

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