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Thread: HBO: 'Enormous Interest' In Making A 'Sex And The City' Sequel

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    Default HBO: 'Enormous Interest' In Making A 'Sex And The City' Sequel

    LOS ANGELES, Calif. - Are Carrie Bradshaw and Mr. Big forever? Can Samantha stay single and still love it? And what about Charlotte and her aversion to foreign food? All this and much more just might be answered in a "Sex and The City" sequel if HBO, Warner Bros and New Line studios have anything to say about it.

    During the annual TCA Press Tour Thursday, top HBO execs said there is "enormous interest" by all studios behind the hit movie to make a sequel, TV Guide reports.

    "They're trying with our help to put that together now," HBO's programming group and West Coast operations president, Michael Lombardo told reporters. "When that happens, how long between, can't say. But there's absolutely interest."

    It appears the legions of "Sex" fans that turned out for the big screen version of the HBO series have made quite an impact on studio execs.

    "I think everybody associated with that project was really heartened by the enthusiasm from the fans, and by the new fans to the show," he added.

    As for the cast, Sarah Jessica Parker told Access Hollywood in April that doing another movie was up to the "Sex" addicts.

    "We'll see," Sarah Jessica said. "We are back because of the good graces of the audience. They really are the determining factor."

    It appears the audience has spoken.

    HBO: 'Enormous Interest' In Making A 'Sex And The City' Sequel - omg! on Yahoo!

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    i love SATC, i loved the movie as well. but a sequel? i'd go see it, but hmm.
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    They need to quit while they're ahead. Loved it on TV, enjoyed the movie even though the plot was thin but I'll wait for the video if they make another movie.

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    not unless they finally find someone better than uni-ball whiny bitch steve for miranda.
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