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Thread: Eddie Murphy's movie "Meet Dave" bombs

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    Default Eddie Murphy's movie "Meet Dave" bombs

    My faith in humanity has been restored

    Weekend Wrap-Up

    Way down in seventh is Meet Dave, Eddie Murphy's latest mega-flop. This one didn't look quite as bad as the Adventures of Pluto Nash, but it behaved like it, earning only $5.3 million in its opening frame. 20th Century Fox put this one out to 3,011 venues and it had a venue average of $1,760. Pluto Nash actually did worse and cost more than Meet Dave. Pluto, with its $100 million budget, opened to $2 million and finished with less than $5 million. Meet Dave, on the other hand, cost $80 million, and might (emphasis on might) earn $10 million. All I can say at this point is that The Love Guru is extremely pleased to Meet Dave.

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    NOOOOO!!!! No way????

    You gotta be kidding me. I mean, he didn't even show up to the premiere....

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    Eddie is a perfect money laundering machine....

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    Beverly Hills Cop, 48 Hours, Coming To America, The Nutty Professor......then we get Beverly Hills Cop 3, Pluto nash , and now.....MEET DAVE!!!!!

    Eddie Murphy should actually READ a script before he commits to a movie. I am a big Eddie Murphy fan, but good god, what is wrong with him the past few years? He has stated that BHC3 was awful, and would like to make up for it, PLEASEEEEEE do it. The director connected to BHC4 has said he wanted to make Axel Foley more "kid friendly" GOD NO. If he does BHC4, it had better be like BHC 1 & 2. Eddie has also stated a desire to stop making movies and go back to stand up, which is is awesome at. Fine, do it, do BHC4, do it right, go out with a bang, not with a whimper.

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    i've been over Eddie for a long time. i never even heard of Pluto Nash, and barely saw press on this flick.
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    Eddie's big problem with picking movies is that he lost his edge. Once he crossed over into making family films like Dr. DoLittle that was the beginning of the end. And now he wants to make Beverly Hills Cop 4. Another bomb in the making.

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    This article was posted a year ago. jk.

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    I'm glad it bombed. I liked him on SNL and BHC. But everything I've read about him, off screen he's a real A Hole. Leaving aside the Mel B baby and that 30 second marriage, apparantly he's such a jerk to people who dare to speak to him. The last thing I read, someone said Hey, Eddie to him as he was going by EM turns to hime and says Do I know You? Who are you to call me Eddie? Address me as Mr Murphy.

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